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AjeetYoga is New Jersey goes India~ Solo and collaborative performance art music and chanting workshops for the entire family, rooted in deep experiences from yogic and other ancient cultures.


What sets AjeetYOGA music and chant experiences apart is it's ability to cross cultures and gender, age and experience. Folks experience themselves in a higher plane, when being a listening participant with Ajeet. Her light and easy way creates a spiritual moment without being dogmatic, an ecstatic atmosphere without being weird. Folks start off breathing, moving slow, then dance, chant out loud and eventually let love in, with a way that truly transforms their body and mind.


CHANT: A pair of Sanskrit beats and mantras that can be used for solo or group classes, workshops or individual practice.

Set List

Chanting the Chakras ~ A Yoga Dance Party~typically has 9 songs/collaborations. They are: Chakra #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, which are both sung and chanted with the audience, these include movement and chanting participation on five chakras and solo work on the other two. The last three vibrational experiences are what I call a gong trilogy which goes for 11 to 22 minutes, where the audience lays down and we do deep sonic binary, vibratory meditations.