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I've released several albums since 1996, but only to myself and close friends/family.

1. A Place To Stand
2. All The King's Horses
3. 717
4. Contents May Have Shifted Since Recording
5. AJH
6. Where We Begin
7. In Time

I've written over 80 songs, mostly pop/rock. The only singles I currently have available as streaming and standard are right here on this site. They're called "Always Thinking of You" and "Starting Over Again". They're all kinds of catchy. Play them loud and use a subwoofer if you've got one! I'm under "AJH".


Feeling a bit camera shy


I'm a nice guy. My whole life I've been been told we all finish last. The cooler guy gets the girl, the nice job, and the ginormous house with 2.5 children. It's always been pretty easy for me to relate to every cheesy 80s love song ever written about the friendship that should be more, the girl that got away or the relationship that fizzled faster than a pop rock. It's not always easy to tell a person how you feel, and the stronger the emotion the more often I can trip over my tongue... but there isn't anything I can't say with a song, so back in high school I started to write them. Part therapeutic, part "this is kinda catchy" I've been writing songs ever since. What I try to do differently is make the sad material peppy. You don't have the depress the heck out of a listener by relaying your tale of love and woe, it's been done to death. Relationships come and go, but it's not always a sad thing to see one end, so I try to write upbeat and positive no matter what. I loved the 80s, I miss the 80s, but their cheesy ballads and synthesizer/guitar-driven melodies are still alive and well every time I write a song. So yeah, I'm a nice guy, and I've had my share of great relationships and warm, fuzzy emotions. It didn't always work out, but man, did I get some good material out of it all. I've tried my songs out on all sorts of demographics and recently had a lot of luck with the 5th and 6th graders I work with at the school where I teach. When an 11 year-old girl came in the night after listening to one of my singles and let me know she'd commited it to memory I knew I'd done something right.