aj lambert

aj lambert


aj's set is a performance of a short film and four electronic-flavored songs which together make up her 'ep' project.


aj is a new york-based songwriter, producer, filmmaker and performer. she started her musical career as a founding member of the la band sleepington, which was around back in the giddy 90s. it was then that she met her mentor and matchmaker, don fleming, who produced sleepington's record for his instant mayhem imprint. since then aj and don have collaborated on many projects, including a vinyl-only label called glimmerfed records. they released music by sleepington, the singer-songwriter-composer jaye luckett (aka ate 13, aka jayethoven, aka poperratic, aka...), and otto, who went on to become the fabulous arlo. don and aj also worked together on 'seven miles high', the one and only album by rocket, which featured matt azzarto, aj and the tremendous murph of dinosaur jr. after rocket left the confines of earth, aj took a few years to live life as a jazz singer in hoboken, new jersey, where she has some way-back musical and familial roots. during that swinging time, she got her rock fix producing her mother nancy sinatra's self-titled 2004 record with don and matt. it featured collaborations with jarvis cocker & richard hawley, dennis diken, jim o'rourke, jon spencer, calexico, little steven, pete yorn, thurston moore, and morrissey. aj and matt also cowrote a song with the english dance duo reno for the album. now that the swing has swung aj is reinvented once again with a new piece called 'EP'. it is a combination short film and full length album, which is in the process of being completed with don fleming and others. the film features david sullivan of 2004's 'PRIMER', and it is aj's directorial debut. well, not counting the countless (and pointless) shorts she made at usc.


festina lente

Written By: angela lambert

our house had a ghost and it's still being haunted
there's a shout in the hall
there's defeat on the stairs
it was home and we made it our own
with the pictures we hung on the nails
that were already there

our house kept an eye on us
every morning
when you slept in the bed
that was 2 floors away
and a breeze woke me up
though i did shut the window
our house had a ghost
and we liked it that way

i'm coming home
but just to get a few things
then i'll go round the corner
and start wandering
there's a chill in the air
the breath of october
and it whispers
'this summer is going to be over'

there was a happy pace to my steps as you showed me
the place where we thought we'd be
spending our days
now i've got to make haste
but i'm doing it slowly
we will be in this room forever anyway

and it was rubbing off on me
dust on the floor was esp
our house stood alone
then it had me and you
but i made you a ghost
and now you're going to haunt me too

i'm coming home
but just to give you my ring
then i'll leave us alone
undisturbed and disturbing
there's a hum in the trees
though it's nearly october
i'll be glad when this summer is finally over

our house was a message
built for us only
a conspiracy made of bricks and memory
and it's written in stone that is
tired and lonely
'if you miss here you'll only exist just like me'

i'm coming home
but just to say a few things
in the place that has known all our
comings and goings
like 'i'm sorry i couldn't stay way past october'
'i'm sorry but summer is finally over'


streaming at www.myspace.com/lambertaj

Set List

1. short film: 'EP - Side 2'
2. 'e for everything'
3. 'echo queen'
4. 'your nearest exit may be behind you'
5. 'equivacation'