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I'd rather be lonely than a fool

Written By: A J Norton

I know we're apart.
But I still see you everyday.
And yet in my heart.
I wish I'd never walked away.
I couldn't take those bare-faced
lies and your Friday night flings.
I knew that you'd never change.
You'd blame me for everything.

No, I'd rather be lonely than a fool.
How can one person act up so cruel?
Rather be lonely than live a lie.
You've hurt me badly, words can't describe.
I'd prefer to just go it alone.
You're the one whose messed up your home.
I'm alone.

Well guessed, it's a mess.
But I can't take you back again.
And yet I confess.
I still love you that it's a shame.
You try to come back later
and use some fancy old prose.
Honey, you were the traitor.
I shan't be falling for those.

Repeat Chorus.

And the hurt has no true disguise.
I see the lying in your eyes.
What compensation do I get?
I've got to get you out my head.
Wo oh it's sad when love is dead.

Repeat Chorus twice.