AJ Rivlin

AJ Rivlin


Indie Acoustic Alternative Folk


I started out singing and playing guitar when I was about 9 years old, began playing with various bands around Los Angeles, which I think was really good for me in many ways. I moved up to San Francisco for a commitment to an independent label which my then band was involved in. It was a learning experience. I cowrote a song that made it to a major motion picture, which was cool. So now since a SF band I'm in hasn't been playing much live, and I have always been a singer songwriter first anyways, I have recorded an Ep called Year Of The Rat and feel really at home now playing and recording my own stuff which is now my number one priority.


Better Now

Written By: AJ Rivlin

television please don't you show me no more, let me get past my front door

sightseer come out from behind your mask, you're looking for a diamond that lasts, and you're mind is always forgetting things like you

Better here and better now, watch it burn it will burn right out
Better now and better here, monsters come and they disappear

you're just a letter but something's gotta spell you out, you'll never know what you're all about, and the places that you go, noone else can know

Better here and better now.....

sometimes when you least expect it you turn around to find, someones walking right beside you man it's about time, you don't even know which way you're going, but you're going there anyway

Better here and Better now.....


Year Of The Rat

Set List

Calls, Start It, Staring At Faces, Let It Go, All That's Left, Better Now, Misses De Marco, Tamed, With The Songs, Homemade Woman, Wherever You Are. I do about 45 to an hour of original music, could easily extend it, and I usually slip a few covers into in my set, especially the longer ones (Elliott Smith, Cat Stevens, David Bowie, The Replacements, The Beatles and many more)