A Jury of Robots

A Jury of Robots


Heavy Rock, influenced by stoner, psychedelic, metal, and southern rock. Big riffs, big hooks, out and out rock.


A Jury of Robots combines stoner, metal, psychedalia, punk and southern rock into a heavy rock blend. The concentration is on big loud music meant to entertain, rocking to rock! COC, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, Black Sabbath, AC/DC are a start of a very good influence list, but anything and everything can and would be used as and influence for the Robots.


"A Small Evil of What is to Come" - 4 song demo EP
"subsonicgodlikedevils" - 8 song CD
recording for 2nd full length cd starting soon

Set List

The Go Flag
Loud Like Religion
Burning Up Both Sides
Your #-Your Name
Sucker Aquarius
Semi Automatic Mind Eraser
Ain't Sold My Soul
Slightly Coiled
Cocaine Terrorist Blues
Kingpin Pariah

Some covers can be performed, rarely. Set length anywhere from 45mins - 1.5 hours(or more)