Moncton, New Brunswick, CAN

From hard-hitting bass to chill, festival mixes, Bassphemy cover a broad and diverse spectrum of music. With a combined total of 5 years experience behind the tables, and 20 years of playing and performing live, these two DJs will excite and energize the crowd with their electricity and passion.


Starting with music from a young age, both Will and Ben explored many varied musical endeavors. Will started out with rock and roll guitar and bass, and eventually developed a more diverse taste in music with cultural instruments like Djembes and Didgeridoos. He eventually made his way to university, where he fell in love with electronic music and producing with tools like Ableton Live 8, FL Studio 9 (now 10), and Massive, Sylenth and FM 8 for his signature, heavy basslines. Ben went a more traditional route with classical piano and guitar lessons, eventually leading him to producing electronic music right around the time he met Will. Unlike his counterpart, however, Ben would go on to produce more relaxed, "festival" style tracks, as well as the odd dubstep/ complextro remix.

What sets Bassphemy apart from the rest? Their burning, never-ending love of electronic music, producing music and performing for a live audience. These two eat, sleep, and breathe all-things electronica, and if there is an opportunity to share their music with the world, they will jump at it and give it their all for the fans.


Bassphemy hasn't officially released an EP or LP to date, but all of their demos, remixes and originals can be found on their soundcloud pages, and heard live!

Set List

Our Set Lists are very dependent on the show, the crowd, and the atmosphere while we are performing. Everything from brand new festival mixes, hard electro tracks, trance, dubstep, acid house, classic electro and pop tunes, and current top 40 tracks can be found in one of our set lists!