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"Timmins' AKA poised to explode on rock scene"

July 8, 2004
If A.K.A is not signed and distributed by a major label by Christmas, some A & R reps (the guys who listen to and develop new artists) are not doing their jobs.
Along with other reviewers across Canada, I listen to at least four or five new artists every month from every major label in Canada - Sony, EMI, Universal, Warner, etc. About 80 per cent of the acts do not stick with you or leave a lasting impression.
After many years as a musician and 15 years of absorbing these new artists, I know an artist or band with creditbility and potential when I hear it.
Without any doubt, A.K.A is one of those rare finds. In fact, the best song and sure-fire, rock radio-ready hit Pearl Jam has never recorded is called Rigadon (We Are Here, We Are Now). They haven't recorded it because it's written and recorded by a Timmins band.
It's a hit song ready to explode and is just one of six songs from a new recording I have sitting in my stereo in regular rotation. In all honesty, over the last three weeks, everyone who listened to the disc - not having a clue who the band is - was blown away.
Shania Twain went south, the Sons of Maxwell went east and A.K.A has gone west.
The four Timmins musicians - vocalist James Devins, guitarist Dan Demers, and brothers bassist Charles and drummer Alex Morin - decided a year ago it was time to take their musical vision to another level.
In a gusty move, they left family and friends behind and moved out to Vancouver.
"We knew we had to get out of our comfort zone and push ourselves, otherwise we would always have that nagging 'what if?' question in the back of our minds," said Devins in a telephone interview from Vancouver.
A.K.A had done numerous gigs in Timmins but lacked any solid referral when it came to marketing its music and image.
"We had done an 11-song album at VCOMM Pro Audio with Greg Vintar and Shawn Fournier and we enjoyed the experience," said Devins.
"However, many people - including you - told us we had to develop our focus as artists, trim the fat on some of our material and move to a city that could offer us resources that could benefit our career directly."
Fro the last year, the band has honed its writing skills, played a couple of live dates per month in the Burnaby and New Westminster, B. C., areas and finished six songs with noted producer/musician Todd Kerns (Static In Stereo, Age of Electric) at the world-class Greenhouse Studios, 10 minutes outside of Vancouver.
"It was a mind-blowing experience," said Devins. "We walked in and there are platinum records everywhere from artists like Queensryche, kd lang, Nickelback - it really motivates you.
"In fact, on our six-day recording and mixing stay, Hollywood and Vancouver native actress Neve Campbell was outside the main studio and chatted briefly with our bassist, Charles, and members of multi-platinum rockers 3 Doors Down came into the studio and introduced themselves," Devins recalled.
"But, to be honest we were into concentrating on our work," said the former Music Box employee.
The material from A.K.A mixes crunching and melodic alternative four-minute tracks that just beg for airplay.
With the six songs in the can, A.K.A is currently set to record another six tracks with Kerns for the final album list.
"We should be finished by the first week of August," said Devins. "After that, we want to approach 604 Records (Nickelback, Theory of A Deadman, Thornley) with the recording. The feedback we get everywhere is so encouraging we must move forward."
With a little luck and continued focus on careeer, A.K.A could very well be the first Timmins band to hit rock pay-dirt on a national level.

"A.K.A. : A Rock Band Destined to Impact the Canadian Music Industry"

February 11, 2004
Incubated in the surging music scene of Timmins, Ontario, A.K.A made an immediate local impact and soon earned the reputation of local music heroes as noted by the local press. There was no question that this band's essence had to be felt on a national scale. With music influences as far ranging and timeless as Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, and Live, James Devins, Charles Morin, Daniel Demers, and Alex Morin combine traditional rock and roll with sounds of metal, folk, funk and contempory pop to create their own unique and captivating musical style - pure A.K.A. The band has spent the past year in Vancovuer, British Columbia, galvanizing their careers and recording their new EP called IN THE BEGINNING... In a relatively short period of time, A.K.A's fired up live perfomances have built a loyal fanbase in the region that is continuing to proliferate and spill into the national music scene. The band has already performed at some of the finest, most notable venues in Vancouver, and is planning more live shows across Canada and in some US cities to support their new album. A.K.A continues to garner favorable attention and press and is now breaking into the commercial and college radio markets. The band maintains an intimate and interactive relationship with their fans via an active web presence ( www.aka-band.com ) full worldwide digital distribution via CD BAby.com and its affliliates, and additonal presences on GarageBand.com and NewMusicCanada.com. A.K.A is an unstoppable force ready to make a musical impact that will be impossible to ignore and echoed throughout the industry. - Farhang

"An Evening of Rock"

Fall 1999
An evening of live rock'n'roll at the G.V. Hotel, with proceeds going to the South Porcupine Food Bank, gave local rockers A.K.A a chance to promote their new CD being released this summer. A.K.A members, clockwise from bottom are, Alex Morin, Dan Demers, James Devins and Charles Morin. - Ron Grech

"Five local acts answer Food for Thought call"

Summer 1998
Going to bed hungry, lacking nutrition, feeling abandoned and lost are things that most people have never experienced.

Yet there are many residents in Timmins and area that have to deal with this as an everyday experience. I've always thanked God for all the volunteer people that help out in our community.

At Northern College, the South Porcupine foodbank was the deserving benifactor of the 6th annual Food for Thought rock showcase. On this particular night 5 artists let the music do the talking.

Without a doubt, A.K.A, Timmins newest alternative rock-pop outfit delivered the most appealing and convincing set of original music. The talented 5 piece wove together a diverse pop, rock and roll, and funk based groove that was appealing in it's own stuctures and has loads of commercial radio potential.

- John Emms - Timmins Daily Press


The excitement is building as the days tick by before Bayfest 2006. The four day event kicks off on a high note as legendaryAustralian crooner Keith Urban takes the stage Thursday July 13.

On friday, July 14, rock goes front and center, with Collective Soul and Ever Clear. Opening for them will be A.K.A, Astronault and Flatlined, three distinct bands guaranteed to set the stage for a Rock Extravaganza.

This past february, Collective Soul... - EDGE Magzine / July 2006

"Local bands going own musical way"

Thursday, July 25, 2005.

It's a growing trend, and from many Timmins and area musicians are doing it.
Doing what, you may ask. Well, these players and bands are digging down deep and revealing their own original songcraft.
I believe whether your own music is your hobby or a career choice, it's a great form of self-expression and shows innovation that can (although not always) bring out your own distinctive style and attitude.
Timmins' alternate rockers AKA, who now work out of Vancouver, just finished three new, band-written originals that I think only emphasize their growing musicality.
In fact, the four piece art even brought in symphony string players on a track titled Jason's Song, in addition to new rockers Trigger Happy and Get It On.
The Rock Report has always stressed and supported local artists to write and record their own material. In fact, you may have noticed that bands like Trikl-Tshyn, The Shaftmen, Hurtin' Blues Band, and Drivyn depending on the gig include anywhere from 6 to 10 original songs in a 35-song night. However, is this original music idea really catching on with the youth?
You bet it is! - John Emms Rock Report

"Coming home; A.K.A. to return to Timmins as it takes on world"

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The group voted the No. 1 independent band in Vancouver is considering moving back to their hometown: Timmins.
"It kind of hit home when we were in Ontario," said James Devins, guitarist and singer for the band A.K.A.
"We spent two weeks in Ontario and my wife was out here (in B.C.) alone with two kids. She's originally from Timmins and she would rather have been (in Timmins) with her family."
Devins, along with the other members of A.K.A - Charles and Alex Morin - are from Timmins but have been living in Vancouver and playing clubs along the West Coast for the past four years.
A fourth member - Daniel Demers, who was the lead guitarist, also from Timmins - amicably left the band four months ago. He left because of medical reasons which forced him to take a break from the strains of being in a working band.
A.K.A. is tentatively looking to replace Demers with another guitarist from Timmins, though Devins said an announcement on that won't likely be made for another two months.
A.K.A was the opening act for Collective Soul and Everclear when it played at the Sarnia Bayfest in July. It was the first time the band had performed in Ontario since leaving Timmins.
"It went well. We were really well received," said Devins.
The band has established a strong following and a good reputation for being an entertaining live act.
A.K.A. topped a Best of Vancouver readers' poll in that city's top entertainment magazine, Georgia Straight. The band was voted the best new local band and best independent band of 2005.
"Getting that recognition has been very good for us. It's strange," said Devins, "you can be good but once you get that affirmation, it suddenly gives you more clout or credibility. We have no problems getting shows anywhere. But lately we've been mostly composing and haven't been too pressed to play live."
Despite living and working on the west coast for the past four years, Devins said his upbringing in Timmins continues to influence him as a musician and songwriter.
"We've never geared our music to any particular taste or audience. Some of our songs are relaxing and mellow and some are hard rocking. That comes from growing up and learning about music in Timmins.
"When you come to a bigger city, you find most of the musicians and clubs are set in cliques. They have their own special style of music they play.
"But in Timmins, there are not as many places to play so everyone plays together. You can go somewhere like the GV Hotel in Timmins and there are three or four bands playing. They're all amazing and they're all doing something different. You have everything from bluegrass to heavy metal and everyone gets along."
A.K.A. has produced two full-length independent releases and recently released a three-song EP entitled The Unconquered.
The CDs are available through the band's website and by mail order or downloading through various on-line sources.
Devins said the band is currently writing material for another full-length CD release and is gearing up for a tour that will see the boys play along the west coast of the United States.
"We've been solicited by companies in L.A. wanting us to play down there so we're going that way."
It's those kind of opportunities that has prompted the members of A.K.A. to consider relocating to Timmins, he said.
"We're pretty much geared towards the success of our music and because of the nature of the business (requiring them to be away from home for lengths of time), it might make sense to base our home and family back in Ontario," said Devins.
"Once you've set your credibility as a band and a live act, where your home is becomes unimportant."

Who's who

James Devins (lead vocals, acoustic guitar): Devins was born on Nov. 18, 1971, in Timmins. Devins truly and unquestionably captures the openness and energetic passion of A.K.A. He has been a musician and poet/lyricist for over a decade. He is also a certified martial arts instructor. His prolific voice contributes immensely to the strength of the band's musical soul.

Alex Morin (drums, percussion): Alex Morin was born on Nov. 10, 1975, in Hearst and moved to Timmins during his tenure in secondary school. Similar to his brother's natural affinity for playing bass guitar, Alex quickly learned to play drums and has excelled to become, without a doubt, one of the best in the business. He is also a certified martial arts and total fitness instructor. His limitless flexibility on the drums really brings the band's stylish groove together.

Charles Morin (bass guitar, backing vocals): Charles Morin was born on March 25, 1978, in Hearst. He moved to Timmins in the 10th grade, and that is when he met friend and former musician/bandmate Dan Demers for the first time in high school music class. He introduced Demers to brother Alex, who had already been playing drums for several years at the same school.
- Ron Grech - Timmins Daily Press


2005 -2006
The Unconquered EP/Jason's Song Video


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A.K.A arose out of Timmins, Ontario in 1998, emerging onto the Canadian rock scene as a group with intense live performance capabilities and a true rock nature. Ever-evolving with their musical style, A.K.A has journeyed to a new home.
Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, where they regularly perform in the local scene. Vancouver can’t seem to get enough of the band’s raw talent voting them BEST NEW LOCAL BAND in the Georgia Straight’s “Best of Vancouver” 2005 awards. Winning this award was no surprise for a band that devotes themselves to putting their heart and soul into all of their music. For A.K.A it’s all about connecting with the people and creating genuine rock music that is true to the genre. They captivate their audience through intense sound, inspiring lyrics and kick ass live shows. A.K.A opened for Everclear and Collective Soul at Bayfest, one of Canada’s largest music festivals in 2006. No fancy tricks here, A.K.A is one of the only real rock bands left in the industry. Simply put, A.K.A just plain ROCKS!!! After almost a decade of adrenaline fueled shows and 3 Albums, the band prepares to tour Southern BC and promote the launch of their new album in 2008!

Want more A.K.A? Check out their site at www.myspace.com/akabandcanada and fan site at www.spaces.msn.com/members/akafansite. A.K.A’s lethal music can be found and purchased at ITUNE, Napster, Best Buy and CD Baby.