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Whats up ya'll this is AKA!! which stands for Anointed Kadeem & Anthony but our stage names are Young.E & Deem. We are from Tampa Florida we been doin christian rap for a couple of years now, and we just release our first single last christmas entitled "ima soldier". We are members of triumphant church fellowship and we have been attending for 9 years with our wonderful pastors, pastor craig and pastor barbara holloway, but we just here to reach out to others that dont know about christ and we just want to be able to minister to people through our music.


Songs currently being air

I'm a soldier
Are you ready or not

Set List

Our set list is: 30-45 mins

Ima soldier,
Are you ready or not
He's been so good
My purpose
You can do it too
More than a rap game
Time for a change

No covers origanals only