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aka Level Seven

 Deltona, Florida, USA

Our music makes you feel like you're taking in a breath of fresh air for the first time!


The music of Chris and Daya Devi- Doolin aka Level Seven transforms and reaches out with energy and harmony. Building on a rhythmical mellow base of syncopative acoustic guitars and brilliant vocals, the Doolin’s, aka Level Seven, soar to glorious heights with their ethereal inspiring sound. Award winning singer-songwriters Chris and Daya Devi-Doolin custom blend their sound into the musical American soft rock worlds of adult contemporary, inspirational pop, and acoustic music... but don't categorize them, their music transcends traditional labeling. It is rich in percussive expressiveness and layered harmony. It has roots in the past but branches out into a creative mixture that is unique and dynamic. Audiences identify with this warm and vibrant duo, whose songs reflect the aspirations and triumphs of everyday life. Chris and Daya draw from a diverse background of personal experience and musical style to choose the blend of material that they perform. The Doolins met as street musicians in Philadelphia, where they performed as part of an acoustic funk act. They incorporate folk music, country music, Americana and other styes to have developed a unique contemporary acoustic/pop sound.
Discography and Awards: Recordings Smile America Book & CD Produced and Recorded by Grammy Award-Winning Recording Engineer and Producer, Maurice Starr and Padaran Publications.
Smile America Book, written by Chris & Daya Devi-Doolin (2010), Padaran Publications, www.padaran.com.
Tomorrow Is Now CD, Level Seven CD, Padaran Productions.
Sides of Love, Abraham’s Seed (1981) Good Company Productions.
Video and Film Scores The Macy Chronicles- Presentation to State of Florida (1990) Bill Mee Productions.
You Are The Light- Music Video (1989) Padaran Productions.
Awards and Nominations Songwriter of the Year 2010 - Honorable Mention for "Not My Job" Finalists- Best Duo and Best Song- Songwriter’s Showcase of America- 2004.
2012 - Grammy considered nominees for 54th Annual Grammy Awards.
1st Place Award- Best Original Song- Celebrity Awards Showcase- 1982 Finalists- Best Duo (Massachusetts Country Music Association) – 1981-83
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Here are some brief reviews about aka Level Seven's music: "...they, aka Level Seven, possess captivating harmonies. A kind of blissful gentleness permeates their material, yet it is never cloying". Steve Morse, Boston Globe "...theirs is a winning performance. Her voice is a warm gravely alto, his a soft tenor." Thomas Duffy, Orlando Sentinel
You Have an Interesting Sound! I would love to feature the music on Songbird Radio. Best, Programming Director, Acoustic Songbird Radio
Your soothing, healing music will continue to bless... I have been waiting for the opportunity to order your CD! Thank you Chris and Daya for making your music.. James Allen Gravitt, CA.
I'd like to order 5 more copies! I have been listening to your CD for hours...I love every single song! I also need to order 5 more of them for Christmas! -Bonnie; Marlborough, MA Good Work Chris & Daya! …two creative and innovative souls have joined forces to demonstrate their musical talents….! Rev. Thomas Gordy, Sanford, FL
How wonderful to be so talented! …B. & I are hoping to catch your next live performance! M & B. Bivens of Florida Heartfelt, poignant, and inspiring songs. Honest, down to earth, and inspiring…Joy Katzen-Guthrie, Songwriter
Soothing, beautiful melodies, soulful, inspiring lyrics…Very upbeat, and soothing to the soul…. Diane F. FL
"YOU are GREAT!" Bryan Haynes - Florida Entertainment Network

"This is a loving kind of music by aka Level Seven."


Let Me Explain

Written By: Chris Doolin and Daya Devi-Doolin

Let Me Explain (Not Too Late)
Daya Devi-Doolin
Chris Doolin

Let me see, if I can explain some things to you
They’re hard to come by, but only life can bring them to you.
You don’t have to be who they think you are
You don’t have to be a star.
You don’t have to be who they want you to be
You just have to be who you are.

It’s not too late: let me see if I can explain
It’s not too late: let me see if I can explain
It’s not too late, not too late

When I was young, my mother she showed me what to do
I’m passing it on, the ageless baton, my love for you.
To listen and be wise
She opened up my eyes.
She taught me what to do
An now I’m showing you


Things I did not have the heart to share
No one cared, they were blind
Now the time has come to open up and pass the gift to you.

You are young. The whole world is there for you.
So much fun, people are there to care for you.
Find a place to start
Just open up your heart
Don’t be afraid to share
And find someone who cares.

Smile America

Written By: Chris Doolin and Daya Devi-Doolin

Smile America
Daya Devi-Doolin Chris Doolin

If we don’t try to help each other solve this mystery
We won’t find out how very strong we are
The challenges well, they’re all great, we know we can’t be weak
Just put your helping hand in mind, we’ll see.

It’s time to Smile, Smile, Smile America
Holding onto what is dear and true.
And we will Smile, Smile, Smile America
For God has not forsaken me and you.

Bridge: Let all our tears and fears and sorrow just slip away
Don’t watch the ground; just hold your head up high.
Let’s do the very best we can and soon, we all will
Nothing can defeat our hearts
Because our faith is strong! 2X

If we don’t get this thing together, one by one we’ll see
You and I need each other to be strong.
Traveling this road together, from sea to shining sea
Open up to what we all can be

It’s time to Smile, Smile, Smile America
Holding onto what is dear and true
And we will Smile, Smile, Smile America
For God has not forsaken me and you.

And we will Smile, Smile, Smile our whole way through
Holding onto what is dear and true
And we shall Stand Tall, Tall America
For God has not forsaken me and you.
For God has not forsaken me and you.
For God has not forsaken me and you.

Not My Job

Written By: Chris Doolin and Daya Devi-Doolin

Not My Job
Daya Devi-Doolin
Chris Doolin

Everybody knows that you’re insane, it’s true
Everybody knows you’re not to blame, are you?
Everybody knows that no one’s there for you
Everybody knows that no one cares for you, but me.

I see your heart is heading for the fan.
And all the pieces they fall down.
And even though it’s set for free.
I am not about to stand around and
Chorus: It’s not my job. It’s not my job to watch you
It’s not my job to watch you falling
It’s not my job. It’s not my job to watch you
It’s not my job, to watch you crawling

I don’t want the pay. I don’t like the pay.
And I don’t want the pay today!
Back into chorus


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... and assorted classic soft rock, adult contemporary, island and contemporary acoustic music.