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“Hearing Akasa, opens up in me the recognition of both ancient voices of all the Earth’s languages and voices from people yet to be the great unborn who wish to see our planet made more peaceful. The ancient voices can be heard in her remarkable toning and chanting and the wishes of the future planet can be heard in her prayerful songs. She is a rare gift. Listen to her.”
- Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., author, teacher of The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know?

“Akasa has tapped into a primordial source of sound that she channels with ecstatic power. Listening to her evokes echoes of ancient Delphic initiations and Atlantean mysteries. She has discovered, or perhaps remembered, the oracular voice of the Orphic and Dionysian priestesses.”
- Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., author, co-author of The Psychedelic Experience with Timothy Leary and Ram Das

“Akasa’s performances represent an authentic connection with the ancient tradition of shamanic song. This phenomenon of a human instrument channeling in a ceremonial context can be one of the most compelling transformational experiences available. Her performances remind us that the ecstatic journey is universal in nature. Her voice, music and her ceremony bring inspiration to people from all times and in all places.”

- Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., author, faculty of Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center

“I met Akasa during March 2008, when she made a wonderful VISION Statement Movie video on Peer to Peer Alternatives. Apart from her great skills in video productions and giving audiovisual embodiment to ideals and visions, what viewers’ remark most often is the special quality of her etheric spirit songs. They seem to come from another universe and uplift our souls to new possibilities. I strongly recommend listening to her magical music, it’s an experience like no other.”
- Michel Bauwens, Belgian Integral Philosopher, Peer to Peer Alternatives

“Akaka’s work contains the multiple modes of mind, heart, soul, sound, body and spirit. This all happens at once. She is really one of the new shamanic ceremonialists of this age of transformation.”
- Brian Swimme, Ph.D., mathematic cosmologist, author, co-author of The Universe Story with Dr. Thomas

“Akasa is a priestess of the sacred, opening portals to the Eternal with the quality of ancient chant. Her voice penetrates the veils between ‘worlds’ and descends into the deeps as well as the heights of human experience. Her work is a gift to human souls who can ‘journey’ through any realm on her mysterious voices.”
- Rowena Pattee Kryder, Ph.D., author, visionary artist & filmmaker
- Rowena Pattee Kryder, Ph.D., author, visionary artist & filmmaker


Maheya 2005
Thunder Heart 2005
On the Land of Mu 2005
Vision Quest 2005
Heekama 2005
Walking on the Tree of Life 2005
Naheeya 2005
Na Bu Setra Seeye 2005
The Initiation 2005
Naheeya New Mix 2006
Spirit of Co-Creation 2006
Phoenix Stella Dance 2007
The Ways of the Earth 2007
Om Mani Padme Hum 2008
Moving Toward the Golden Light 2008
Calling the Whale Angels 2008
Calling the Ancient Fire 2009

I Am That I Am



Akasa is a sound visionary and shamanic sound ceremonialist who uses her voice to illustrate the exploration of human emotions, quests and dreams for love, joy, peace, unity and deeper meaning of being a human. She is an extraordinary performer, having a vision to awaken the planetary heart, call forth world peace and oneness; and sing a new earth, humanity and self into being where she integrates the vibrations of heaven and earth and world wisdom traditions into unity through her unique performance. She is one of the council members for Society for the Study of Shamanism, Healing and Transformation which presents an annual International leading conference about shamanism and consciousness. Her work is an exploration crossing boundary lines between ceremonial shaman, singer and performing artist.

Akasa holds a master of arts in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has studied with teachers from many traditions, as well as other disciplines and modalities. Her music is multi-ethnic and multi-dimensional, integrating opera, Chinese and other vocal techniques in her shamanic spirit songs with the connections to Native American, Celtic, medieval, Eastern, Middle Eastern, and other traditions. Her music envisions the emerging union with heaven, earth humanity.

A former businesswoman, Akasa received her shamanic sound initiation in 1997 while traveling in Greece, where she visited the ancient Oracle of Delphi during the summer solstice. It was there she experienced a sudden, swift, and energetic shift: a mysterious sound dimension opened inside of her and altered every aspect of her life, a phenomenon best described by Plato as "divine mania." Since receiving her sound initiation, Akasa has shared her work with international and academic audiences at numerous conferences and symposia including:

The International Conferences of Shamanism and Alternative Modes of Healing;The International Conerence for the Study of shamanism, Healingand Transformation;The Society for Shamanic Practitioners Conference;The National Association for Humanities Education Conference;Embodiment and Environment Conference, Oxford University, UK, Earthdance International Music festival, New Living Expo and ceremonial sound performance to awaken, inspire and empower numerous individuals and communities.

At their core, Akasa's music are shamanic yet universal in essence. She invites you open up to multi-dimensional levels of ecstatic joy, healing, integration of wisdom and love, and deep peace. Akasa delivers her Spirit Songs from the higher dimensions of the Earth and Universe, creating a collective vibrational resonance that brings others more in tune with their authentic being and awaken their roles as the Earth Guardians. Each of her Spirit Songs contains ancient chant qualities, messages go beyond the limitation of human languages, and a unique sound vision which reveals soul purpose while contributing to the accelerating shift of collective consciousness in our world. With deep humility, sincerity, and gratitude, Akasa offers herself as a sound bridge, connecting humanity, earth and cosmos.