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This band has not uploaded any videos




Your production and sound quality was pretty good. You have a very distictive style and delivery. Your voice as a rapper stands out because you don't sound like anyone else that's out. your hooks and songs were very interesting. Overall as an artist you definitely have the potential to make it in this business. - ON LINE SUBMISSION CRITIQUE



Thank you for the email. I told the music director about you company. He and his asst. tought "Holla Dolla" was a great name. Everybody said. DAMN, WON'T BE FORGETTIN THAT" I'm going to quote some things from this news brief you sent me, on my show today. Hang in there bro, keep on keepin on and I'll do the same.

BTW,. I have not received the promo kit yet. But I can direct the music Dir to the web site. In fact if you have any curseless tunes ( can't play the harshwords during drive time 3-6pm) I can play a little somthing something on my show. Anyway my man peace out.
- Charlie Applegate of "GONG RADIO"

"Degy Entertainment"

Hello! HOLLA DOLLA ENT. LLC Thanks for sending along the AK Assault package to our office. Got a chance to spend some time with it this week. Sounds like some great things going on, and a lot of potential for the project. Unfort, I'm not signing much in the urban world right now, as most of our new signings are of the rock and singer-songwriter variety. But, keep in touch and good luck with things.

- Ari Nisman


AK "Hip Hop's Role Model"



AK is Hip Hop’s new Role Model. With his versatile lyrics to today’s modern rhythms, he gives a new motto to follow for today’s urban youth. His music is uplifting, and invigorates his fans to leave behind the old ways of street life, and to embrace a new mindset of, “Being Yourself” at all cost.

Growing up, life was tough for AK; he was born the second oldest of four children, and resided in the infamous Hill Top Home Projects in Dayton Ohio. Gangbanging, robbing, and stealing were apart of everyday life, and finding ways to avoid Hill Top’s negative environment were hard, until AK Assault developed his passion for roller-skating.

The joy of roller-skating laid the foundation for AK’s rap career. Roller-skating helped him to understand the rhythmic patterns of music. The pure enjoyment of skating, and riding the beat helped him engage in the challenge of adapting to sounds. He soon was memorizing the lyrics of his own lyrical role models such as Tupac, Nas, and Biggie, and in turn put his own spin on the lyrics and made them his own.

AK grew to embrace the uplifting lyrics of the late-great Tupac, and the mind conscious Nas, he also realized that he could relate to Biggie in his daily life. He internalized these positive lyrical flows and realized that they were actually talking about what was going on in the world. He now attributes part of his positive uplifting flow to them. The other part belongs to his mother.

AK’s mother past away when he was at the beginning stages of his manhood. This pushed him to grow-up, as her last words to him were, “Take Care Of Your Brothers and Sisters”. He took these words of responsibility and turned them into encouragement. He finished college, and went on to pursue his dream of being an uplifting positive hip-hop role model.

With his dream in tow, he moved to Atlanta Georgia to find his footings in hip-hop. He is CEO of his own independent record label named, “Holla Dolla Entertainment Llc”, he is also his own first artist.

He knows what it means to be the responsible; he is a down to earth wise man, who places an extreme value on family.

When asked, what do you want the people to know about you, he replied: “I am hip-hop’s role model”.