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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



"BLK SUN Review"
BLK SUN: Whats good my dude ?

akastreetlife: The musik today...

akastreetlife: Doing good and working hard at it.

BLK SUN: For all those that don't know , let them know who you are.

akastreetlife: My name is Shaun Johnson Aka Street. I'm 21 living in Oil City, PA. I'm a lyricist, and so far I produce and engineer for myself but now I'm work more into prgressing with my Lyrics and Style. I have four handsome baby boys and a beautiful baby girl (R.I.P.Destini)

akastreetlife: I started writting poems when I was younger then age thirteen I began writting acapella. 15 I started to feestyle but never really got into. I write! I've currently been rappin on mic with beats for 1yr. 61/2 months.

BLK SUN: Let everybody know where you from.

akastreetlife: I was born in Santa Maria, Ca. Hense the 805...

akastreetlife: Sandy Beaches, sandy roads, and a high school that takes a town square.

BLK SUN: Is the music scene different ther then where you are?

akastreetlife: Much, Slow beats, different sounds, a lot more spanish hip-hop, bilengual flows, mostly freestyle tracks. I'll always have love for the West Coast Musik!

akastreetlife: Cali likes to party so you can guess the style...

BLK SUN: How what do you fell about hip hop today?

akastreetlife: Hip Hop today I don't feel is all that real anymore. So much hate from everywhere and it never stops. "People Kill People" . It's good to have the club bangers but anymore people look at it as somethin to beef about, when someone says the wrong thing. So I'm feeling more on the realism side of Hip-Hop like Eminem, Pac, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Jah-Rista/Soundmaster T, etc..

BLK SUN: I can understand that, hip hop has gone to the meadi heavy.

BLK SUN: Who do you listen to on a personal basis.

akastreetlife: Jah-Rista/Soundmaster T, Eminem, Proof, The Game, 50 Cent, T.I. D12, Biggie, Juelz Santana, 36 Mafia, Lil Zane, Bone, Twista,

BLK SUN: Thats variety !
akastreetlife: Yeh, on a daily basis I listen to those artist to get my adreniline flowen for the day.

BLK SUN: What have you been working on lately ?

akastreetlife: Right now I'm working on tracks for my new solo, I have around three contest that I've written out waiting on the new equipment, and I'm preparing for my next show and after party.

BLK SUN: When and where was your last show?

akastreetlife: My last show was January, Friday the 13th, 2006, from 10pm-12am, at The Dragon Chasres Emporium. Located at 209 West Calder Way , (Just past fraser St. In an alley)
State Colledge, PA 16301

BLK SUN: How was the outcome ?

akastreetlife: Well, the outcome was good considering the amount of **** I went through. People clapped during tracks. I felt laid back and comfortable. Maybe, a little unusual for it being my first show.

akastreetlife: No problem at all. People introduced themselves to me and said they enjoyed the show, break dance battles we're hot and they showed love too.

BLK SUN: Wow! Thats grat for your first show, sound like this is second nature to you.

BLK SUN: What is the name on the album you are working on ?

akastreetlife: StreetLife

BLK SUN: Where can we her your music ?

akastreetlife: You can here my musik all over the web and soon to be played on the radio. Here's some sites...


akastreetlife: I'm moving the site addresses so these sites aren't fully up except for tightbeatz.

BLK SUN: To all the readers check out this heat.

BLK SUN: So what can we expect to hear ?

akastreetlife: I can't ya everything that's gonna happen because then the people wouldn't have the suprised look on their faces when they hear it. But, I will tell you this....Better production, Hot s**t, Deep s**t, Take it to The Club Type s**t

BLK SUN: Thats what it is.

BLK SUN: Can you give our viewers some words of wisdom about how to get thier music heard ?

akastreetlife: Find an agent, promtoional manager, join as many websites, groups, clubs, orginizations, w/e you can to promote yourselves. But, whatever you do, don't stop being dedicated cus you'll never catch that free ryde.

BLK SUN: Thx for ya time my dude.

BLK SUN: You know where you heard it first. 1

"Smidi Review"
smidi posted on Sat August 13, 2005
What up SmOoThSTreet! Smidi comin back At Cha! Thanks for stoppin by my page and your kind words! I peeped out a few of your Beats and some of your vocal tracks too! I'm really feelin your music! You are a TIGHT MC and Great Music Producer! RESPECT!! I "VOTED HOT" for you! Keep doin ya do Hommie! Stay up! 1 SMIDI
Smidi Beats

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Street's Bio

In recent years it has become more and more apparent that there is a great divide in the music industry which separates those artists who will enjoy longevity in the business from those whose success will prove to be short lived. In today’s fast paced, instantly gratified, information super-highway driven world, hip-hop is no exception. As well as remarkably talented, you must be determined, dedicated, and infused with a sense of purpose and personal responsibility that stems from something more than just the need to get paid in order for you to attain that elusive level known as superstardom and stay on top. Twenty-one year old Shaun “Street” Johnson is one of those rare individuals who embody both the talent and the focus to reach the top of the pile and remain there indefinitely. His unwavering commitment to excellence stems not from a “perfect” upbringing, but from learning life’s lessons the hard way and using that knowledge to make better decisions.

A talented lyricist, producer, and performer, Street was attracted to poetry at an early age which eventually lead him to become an MC. Everything he saw and experienced he wrote about. Born in the seaside town of Santa Maria, California he learned early on that struggles are not exclusive to the inner city. At age 5 he relocated to Pennsylvania where he resides today. While it wasn’t his first choice of places to live, he sacrificed living in more popular areas in order to purchase a home for his family inexpensively.

Although Oil City, Pennsylvania isn’t the ideal place to start a music career, Street refused to let anything stop him from pursuing his dream. He released his music via the internet and still spends countless hours promoting his material on websites such as the incredibly popular where he’s reached number one (out of nearly 8,000) on their hip-hop charts, and is currently averaging between 300 and 400 “spins” per day. Live performances have also become routine for Street although the stage was once uncharted territory. His hard work and dedication are reflected in every performance and he is known for giving the audience one-hundred and ten percent of his energy.

Street has no intentions of slowing down either. He is humble and appreciative of all the support from his new management team, but he also recognizes that ultimately the success of his career depends on his own commitment to perseverance. The young veteran says “In the past I've booked my own shows, designed my own artwork for my CD inlays, updated all my own websites, copyrighted my own material, produced my own beats, written my own bio, even sent submissions to record labels myself, and the list goes on.” Street is the definition of a true new millennium hip-hop entrepreneur, a gifted poet turned MC and producer waiting patiently, but not idly, for his moment to shine.