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I'm a very dedicated artist who will stop at nothing to achieve a dream. I run a team/camp of artists who collaborate with each other as well as working on my own projects. I hold several different styles of musical talent and strive to create more. Music's my life and life's a struggle I can beat..


Street's Bio

In recent years it has become more and more apparent that there is a great divide in the music industry which separates those artists who will enjoy longevity in the business from those whose success will prove to be short lived. In today’s fast paced, instantly gratified, information super-highway driven world, hip-hop is no exception. As well as remarkably talented, you must be determined, dedicated, and infused with a sense of purpose and personal responsibility that stems from something more than just the need to get paid in order for you to attain that elusive level known as superstardom and stay on top. Twenty-one year old Shaun “Street” Johnson is one of those rare individuals who embody both the talent and the focus to reach the top of the pile and remain there indefinitely. His unwavering commitment to excellence stems not from a “perfect” upbringing, but from learning life’s lessons the hard way and using that knowledge to make better decisions.

A talented lyricist, producer, and performer, Street was attracted to poetry at an early age which eventually lead him to become an MC. Everything he saw and experienced he wrote about. Born in the seaside town of Santa Maria, California he learned early on that struggles are not exclusive to the inner city. At age 5 he relocated to Pennsylvania where he resides today. While it wasn’t his first choice of places to live, he sacrificed living in more popular areas in order to purchase a home for his family inexpensively.

Although Oil City, Pennsylvania isn’t the ideal place to start a music career, Street refused to let anything stop him from pursuing his dream. He released his music via the internet and still spends countless hours promoting his material on websites such as the incredibly popular where he’s reached number one (out of nearly 8,000) on their hip-hop charts, and is currently averaging between 300 and 400 “spins” per day. Live performances have also become routine for Street although the stage was once uncharted territory. His hard work and dedication are reflected in every performance and he is known for giving the audience one-hundred and ten percent of his energy.

Street has no intentions of slowing down either. He is humble and appreciative of all the support from his new management team, but he also recognizes that ultimately the success of his career depends on his own commitment to perseverance. The young veteran says “In the past I've booked my own shows, designed my own artwork for my CD inlays, updated all my own websites, copyrighted my own material, produced my own beats, written my own bio, even sent submissions to record labels myself, and the list goes on.” Street is the definition of a true new millennium hip-hop entrepreneur, a gifted poet turned MC and producer waiting patiently, but not idly, for his moment to shine.


The One

Written By: Street

The One

Solo By Street

Hook (Once)

I'm a Gangsta I'm a Hustla I will ride tonight and I will bust ya, I ain't afraid of these pussies I'm a take them all out take them all the school fuck them up and be out.


Now I'm a full grow man holding on to a life, Switching different positions working harder than life itself, I got to make a quater for the dollar to sell, anybody could help me out but I'ld rather do it myself, I'm a thorough bread gangsta born dead to the streets they can tear away my image but I've been thought of as a man so don't you ever even think about disrespecting Street and if these fucking punk pussies want to push me I'm a lay them down spray them now, I'm a let them meet the heat in a little under a week. I'll leave their brain in the streets squashing all the beef. One caulk two pops three street sweepers and a nine milla killa heater makes these fucking pop tarts even sweeter in the middle if I play them like a fiddle than I guess I'm the captain number one top gun, so when I start to pop -p- pop these mother fuckers better run cause Street's done...

Hook (Repeat Twice)

I'm a Gangsta I'm a Hustla I will ride tonight and I will bust ya, I ain't afraid of these pussies I'm a take them all out take them all the school fuck them up and be out.

Verse 2

I ain't afraid of these pussies I'm a take them all out, take them all to school fuck them up and be out. I'm spitten fire out my mouth over heated by rage been locked down in a cage since the age of thirteen but now I'm back and I'm back and I'm mean. Spitten lethal words just to crack a splene, yeh I'm the baddest cracker on the mother fucking cracker team. Does it really matter if I'm white when I got skills with a mic so I just might tear another hole through your chest tonight leave you resting for life so keep on fuccking with crack. I't H.I. period so serious it'll leave you mother fuckers curious of what the formula would be. It's Hazardouz Intensionz formely running streets we handle the beef on any second of the day so if you want some come and get some, the smith -n- wesson will put a blesson on your head, your dead son.

Hook (Repeat Four X's)

I'm a Gangsta I'm a Hustla I will ride tonight and I will bust ya, I ain't afraid of these pussies I'm a take them all out take them all the school fuck them up and be out.


Set List

I'm working on compiling a new set of tracks so stay in touch I'm back Solo and Grouped.