Germantown, Maryland, USA
BandHip Hop

Classic Hip Hop music for the listener, by a listener.


Verses has been involved with hip hop since its early days. In his hometown Cincinnati, after hearing songs like Rapper's Delight and The Breaks on the radio, he knew that it was something special. From that point he had begun to rap a little here and there, forming groups/crews with the other kids in his neighborhood. His first emceeing name was Kid Fresh and his first song, ‘It’s a Cold, Cold World,’ was written with his older cousin.

Over time he had became a huge advocate of the hip hop culture. Influenced by much of the late 80s and early 90s rap (De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, Leaders of the New School, Black Sheep, The Pharcyde, Boogie Down Productions, Public Enemy, EPMD, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Eric B & Rakim, and Poor Righteous Teachers to name a few) Verses would develop a knack for writing rhymes on numerous topics.

But the day he decided to take it serious, he could not be more disappointed with what he saw in hip hop. The decline of the conscious rap movement and over-commercialization of hip hop began to take a toll on his love for the music. In contrast to the late 90s movement in hip hop, Verses, fueled by his faith in God, would begin to pen rhymes that were greatly influenced by his new values. In 1996, at Iowa State University, he helped form the crew Rhymes Elect, which began doing shows in Central Iowa. Over the years Rhymes Elect has performed in a number of cities and has released one record (’Lyrical Resurrection’ in 2001).

In 2005, Verses began to work his first solo project. ‘Listening Session’ is a record molded to grab the listener’s attention with classic hip hop and a sound message. He purposely stretched himself on this record, choosing various unorthodox beats to rhyme over. Verses’ lyrical tactics, combined with strong production from Tony Stone has produced a record that will mold the listener’s ears with messages of faith (Fatherless Child), fun (Funky Dividends), and focus (We Do It, featuring Tony Stone and Mark J). In summer 2005, before the release of his record, Holy Culture Radio recognized Verses as its “Unsigned Hype” artist for the month.


Lyrical Resurrection - June 2002
Love Concept - Holy Hip Hop Taking the Gospel to the Street Volume 2 - December 2004
Listening Session - February 2006
Listening Session (Japan Release) - January 2007
Irregular Remedy - 2007

Set List

Set list varies in length, depending on the situation. Some songs in set list include:
Yes, Yes, Y'all...
We Do It
Ms. O'Ginny
Love Jawns
Funky Dividends
Fa La La
Cassette Tapes & Roller Skates
Project Kids
Yoof Rally