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San Francisco, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

San Francisco, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Alternative


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The Age of Soulquarius Mixtape (2013)

Koo Kalm Kollective (2014)

Instrumental Album
Fogtown (2013)
Beatnik (2014)



Whether called Ahmed Kap Animo or Alvin Vincent Animo or even Kapatid X, or Kap, for short. This San Francisco/Bay Area-based emcee/producer deserves the moniker, a.K.aye, for that very reason (besides being his initials).

From a Filipino community in San Francisco, in which his parent's were involved in. Serving the community through programs that were meant to serve  young adults and immigrants from the Philippines opportunities during that time. 

The music, secondary as it seems first served as something, Animo fell in love with. Lip-syncing lyrics to the likes to 90s' Hip Hop, primarily West Coast (i.e. Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre). From there, a.K.aye would only dare to dream about becoming a rap artist.

Asides from the 90s being the Golden Era for Hip Hop, Animo lived a content childhood. Although, he experienced his father pass away when he was 5 and his mother going through open-heart surgery several years later. His parental guidance came from his older siblings with him being the youngest. More than a decade older than him, Animo was highly influenced by the music they listened to and felt connected with music through them. Falling into depression after the significant events, the only escape was hearing music and finding piece of mind through sound.

Coming of age, Animo's musical influences expands into different genres. From alternative rock to drum n bass (before knowing what it was) and jazz and soul. The list goes on. "I feel like all kinds of music/art have that life given to it's existence." says Animo. "What makes me different is that I make art that makes me feel alive, especially when I perform it." 

At 13, Animo started writing music out of pure boredom. "Originally, I wanted to be in a metal band, but the lyrics I wrote ended up sounding like rap lyrics talking about personal issues in regards to fitting in and just rebellion."  It wasn't until three years later, Animo recorded his first song talking about identity and issues regarding culture. Soon after, Animo started producing. Performing was essential from Animo, in regards to being a very energetic personality. Recieved mentorship from Filipino Hip Hop acts, being the first collective he was apart of. From then on, the rest was history, in terms of music. 

Despite the political agenda, Ahmed Kap Animo is neither main party and considers himself “bi-partisanâ€?.The style behind is art comes from the approach of guerilla-style militant and no compromise tea party, but more left-wing. He is, also, a convert into Islam, but is secular with his outlook on life. 

As a member of NMLS collective, a.K.aye hopes to serve as a community leader following in his father's footsteps and as much a contributing member as his fellow colleagues. 

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