Akayzia Parker

Akayzia Parker


alternative, indie, bluesy soft rock Ella Fitzgerald meets Coldplay


Akayzia Parker 22 year old Singer/songwriter

"from my first gurgle I had a story to tell. but after babyhood the stories became harder to voice as the world wanted me to write them down. The words in my heart and head were crushed by the dyslexia in my brain and it became too hard to write
my stories down so i started to sing and when i write a song it is easier and joyous to share my stories.
my music is the essence of me, as a child it gave me personal satisfaction and achievement and as a woman it gives me worth and purpose."



staying lost

Written By: Akayzia Parker

You know I was thinking, maybe I could stay at yours tonight,
we could both watch a little TV and the just dim the lights
'cause right now, right now it seems as the sky is heavier in weight,
won't you hold me?
as the street light whispers through the window
I'm staying lost again tonight, staying lost again tonight.
You ever start wondering, maybe it would somehow be right, to forget all we have believed and not draw no lines,.The ground falls away as we walk,
dizzy from the way we talk
I know it's wrong but I need your warmth
don't yousee I need you here with me.
So won't you hold me
I'm staying lost again tonight.


Missing, Whispers EP 2003
Urban Lullabies (original recording) promo 2003
Tuesday's Girl (title track channel4's Nylon) 2004
The Party's Over 2005
Sleepwalking and other Demos 2006
Toured with Marianne Faithfull, Mew, Lifehouse, Aqualung, Floetry, Vanessa Carlton,

Set List

3-45 minutes of original songs.