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We make motivational life music for the soul we specialize in urban motivational music, music that stimulates and cultivates the minds of the youth as well as adults who take the time to listen.


Hello My Name is Naim Lynn aka Akbar1 I have had a love for music all of my life I come from a family of talented musicains I began making beats with my mouth at the age of six years old while my cousin would rap, at the age of ten I found the desire ton rap
after many ups and downs I stop creating music for a while, at the age of 21 began recording and writing song once again It was more ups and downs at the age 25 I started my own Production company where I work with several local artist from New Jersey it did not work out the way I wanted it to so in 2007 I went underground and created my own private pre production studio where I am now writing songs and producing beats with dreams of mc,s and other talent singing them or rapping over them I am also a very talented artist in my own right
I love music and I do not thing my passion for music will ever die and thats why my production company is name Love Life Productions because I love the music of life


Hardship(We got it)

Written By: Naim E Lynn

I'm smoking weed that mean I'm high in my mind state a black male trying to survive in this crime rate I gotta make a move find something to make em groove whether its ryhmes or the beats nigga I got it you want a hot sixteen nigga no problem ya'll nigga's know Akbar grinds the hardest

Living in the gutta tryna stack my chips where im from we learn alot about hardship we gotta make a move find something that make groove when its time to put it down my nigga we got we got
This little nigga nineteen doing time in a cell block with no love cause he don't even get know mail oc he got a million dollar bail he a'int making that said his mind right cause he know he aint going home with no pops he's the product of a broken home swallowed by the world now tell what we smoking on
Black queen 21 and she hold down fort she got a job go to school and she don't eat pork she got three kids to provide for her baby father died cause a nigga lied for a hundred g's itrs a cold world baby girl so hold ya head never let em see you down just get a head


Hardship(We got it) to be released November 1 2008