Akello Light

Akello Light


A Pre-K child in a magical land surround by music equipment and Aliens as it s best friends.


New Space-Age Hippie using cheap/lo-fi equipment to vibe with other “Beings” from other “Worlds”, sums up the music this odd-non earthly makes. Free-jazz, left-field hip-hop, porno soul, sunshine pop-folk, deep house, and just non-human beats (Beat Tapes) are sounds passed among his crew of Andy Warhol type peers to relax, chill and bug-out to. With a few LP’s under his name, Akello is finally set to release a gang of music recorded at the low-key spot “Avalon Studios” on different labels. Go to (keepdrafting.com)


Green Tea Mint LP (2007)
Oracles of Dimensions LP (2010)

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I'm a studio hermit