The Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo

The Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo


Steel string ten finger tapping guitar prodigy Andreas Kapsalis, and nylon string Balkan folk guitarist Goran Ivanovic have fused their Serbian and Greek folk music roots with modern, classical, world, jazz and beyond in this experimental duo.


The Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo represents the perfect alliance of ten-fingered guitar virtuosity, outstanding melodic themes, and dynamic rhythmic variations. Kapsalis' Spanish-inflected playing complements their previously unexplored style that challenges the boundaries of pop music structure, juxtaposing his style with the world-renowned Serbian compositional and improvisational mind Goran Ivanovic. Goran’s unique and rarely found talents set you forth on a cinematic array of emotions. Sophisticated, yet rebellious, this acoustic ensemble nods its head towards tradition but totally disregards technical conventions. They experiment in the melding of classical, various styles of traditional folk, and rock music, each receiving equal time.

Andreas was awarded a Fellowship Grant to attend the Sundance Film Composers Lab in 2005 and chosen to compose the film score for the documentary Black Gold that premiered at Sundance in 2006. Other films include Mulberry Street, Mexican Sunrise, and Retaliation.

Goran Ivanovic is a native of Croatia, a Balkan country torn by the civil strife that engulfed the former Yugoslavia. The musical son of a Serbian father and a Bosnian Croat mother, he has crossed many boundaries in his life and in his music. While he was studying at the Mozarteum in Salzburg with masters such as Elliot Fisk and Joaquin Clerch, his parents were expelled from Croatia and were granted political asylum in the United States. Since his residence in this country, Goran’s broad grounding in Classical music has been enriched by influences of Jazz, Balkan and the World Music.


The Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo - Self Titled

Set List

All original with the exception of a small few that are used sparingly.