AKid/Team 1

AKid/Team 1

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Our music is fun, exciting, hyping, arrogant, extravagant, sad, different and refreshing. Our band has great character with 7 different personality's.


just a rap group based out of NC making great music trying 2make it 2 the next level. Akid music is different from other artist music because we have a different feel and vibe to certain basses and tones. Every artist in Akid has a different style and feel for the way their craft is and how they want it and prepare it. Our music is fun, sad, arrogant, fierce and spontaneous being that we all rap with different emotions. We often have a lot of different influences that consciously make us want to work harder.


Da Wait Is Ova V.1
Da Wait Is Ova V.2
Da Wait Is Finally Ova V.3

Our R&B Single Ni**a Like Me gets plays on the radio station in Elizabeth City/96.7