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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"A.K.i.L - SLIDE Review"

Being an artist on the come up can be a tough place to be, but when you can turn the frustration into slinky bars, it might eventually all be worth it. Que A.K.i.L (Always Kickin Intelligent Lyrics), a 19-year-old rapper with big dreams who isn’t letting anybody get into his head. On his latest track “SLiDE”, A.K.i.L. casts away the doubters and naysayers by exercising his smooth flow over a slick, piano-led beat. A.K.i.L’s positivity is striking and infectious, and it may just be his point of difference in the sea of dark, fatalistic hip hop artists out there at the moment. - Best Before

"Playlist: Breakthrough Sundays"

A.K.i.L, SLIDE (prod by DevOnDaBeat)
I really dig this track – the artist has a brilliant flow (undoubtedly Drake-inspired) and insightful lyrics, anchored by a heavy bass, even out by delicate piano trickles. Really well-produced and put together, it’s catchy, it’s cool, it’s bang on trend. - Howl and Echoes

"Backstage Pass with A.K.i.L"

Online interview. http://www.joomag.com/magazine/the-roshua-review-may-2015/0118772001430594494 - Roshua Jobinson

"Profile: Soul Food Cypher"

Back in the circle, a teenager in a black hoodie takes the floor. Akil Bridges, an 18-year-old rapper and producer who makes music under the stage name “A.K.I.L.,” came to Soul Food Cypher after his manager suggested it.

“Tryna’ to be a mogul but first I gotta go local / To all the people listenin,’ I’m glistenin’/ Shinin’ like a diamond in the dark / My brain already got the spark like electrocution / Every beat is in my seat for execution,” A.K.I.L. spits bar after bar with skilled delivery, building up an impressive flow.

When he’s not rapping, A.K.I.L. retreats to the corner, reserved and introspective. He says he considers himself more of an artist. So does Sean G. For him, the “energy and representation of hip-hop” here keeps him coming back.

“It’s deeper than the music that you hear on the radio,” Sean G says. “This is the stuff that people miss about hip-hop. The poetic part of it, the artistic part of it, the part of it that should be in a museum.”

— By Harmeet Kaur, Digital Editor - The Emory Wheel

"Playlist: Breakthrough Tuesdays"

A.K.i.L, Question (Prod. Fel)
This track is an absolute killer – it may well take you a while to get to the next track on this playlist; if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to spin this a couple times over. The insightful, personal lyrics are backed by a gentle beat and guitar instrumental. A really gorgeous track from an artist I’ll be keeping an eye on from now on. - Howl & Echoes


Promotional CD released July 2014
Promo CD with Bonus tracks release March 20145



A.K.i.L is a 20 year old artist who blends the authenticity of hip-hop's roots with a new flavor and lyricism that can move any crowd.  A.K.i.L consciously creates music that can be enjoyed by a wide-range of people. He can flow to raw hip-hop or southern style sub-bass beats, but he also shines when he rhymes on a well-produced, smoothed out R&B track.

A.K.i.L, whose given name is Akil Bridges, was born in Rochester, New York on April 9, 1996 and moved with his parents to the Atlanta area in 2005. The name Akil has African roots and means "intelligent", which is why it is fitting that his stage name A.K.i.L stands for “Always Kickin’ Intelligent Lyrics”.  A.K.i.L’s music contains lyrics that are thoughtful, clear, and delivered in clean and creative ways and often sheds light on important social topics in a manner that is not preachy.  

A.K.i.L made the decision fresh out of high school, and with the blessing of his parents to pursue his music career on a full-time basis. Almost immediately, A.K.i.L's music began to be recognized in the Atlanta area and he has started to build a body of work that has the potential to change the musical compass of the hip-hop community.

In June 2014, A.K.i.L won first prize at the ATL All Stars Talent Showcase in College Park, Georgia for “Best Solo Rap Artist”. Then in September 2014, A.K.i.L had another impressive first place win in the “Musical Composition” category at the First Glance Teen Arts Competition Awards Presentation hosted by the The National Black Arts Festival Organization at the Ray Charles Performing Arts Center on the campus of Morehouse College in Atlanta.  Most recently, in August 2015, A.K.i.L won the “Artist with Most Potential Award” at the AMS Music Showcase & Awards Show in Riverdale, Georgia. Along with receiving these awards, A.K.i.L has been a featured performer at various venues throughout the greater Atlanta area.

A.K.i.L's other notable performances include:

June 18th, 2016 – Gallery One Fine Arts “Homecoming MeetUp” in Rochester, NY where A.K.i.L was the featured artist and performed a 40 minute set.

May 7th & 8th, 2016 – Sweet Auburn Historic District “Sweet Auburn Spring Fest” in Atlanta, Georgia where A.K.i.L was a featured artist and performed a 10 minute set.

April 29, 2016 – Whitehead Boys and Girls Club "Notes4Notes” in Atlanta, Georgia where A.K.i.L was the featured artist and performed a 30 minute set.

September 18, 2015 – Historic Downtown Augusta "Arts in the Heart of Augusta” in Augusta, Georgia where A.K.i.L was a featured artist and performed a 30 minute set.

May 8 & 10, 2015 – Historic Auburn Avenue District in Downtown Atlanta “Sweet Auburn Spring Fest” in Atlanta, Georgia where A.K.i.L was a featured artist and performed a four song set.

April 30, 2015 – Vinyl @ CenterStage “Afton Showcase” in Atlanta, Georgia where A.K.i.L was a featured artist and performed an eight song set.

April 18, 2015 – Terrell Woods Enterprises “JamSession” in Decatur, Georgia where A.K.i.L was a featured artist and performed a five song set.

April 4 & 11, 2015 – North Decatur Mall “Melodies in the Mall” in Decatur, Georgia where A.K.i.L was a featured artist and performed a three song set to promote the upcoming MayPhest Music and Visual Arts Festival.

October 1, 2014 - Silver’s Delight Caribbean Restaurant’s “How Many Mics Open Mic Night”in East Point, Georgia where A.K.i.L was the featured artist and performed an eight song set.

A.K.i.L has released an EP entitled Truth that showcases his special artistic abilities. The level of creativity, wit, versatility of rhyme flows, and the unique stylishness of his singing makes A.K.i.L’s EP a must have piece of work. The depth of A.K.i.L’s lyrics, the good feel of his musical landscapes, and the enticing nature of his vocal tonality, is sure to leave many people wanting to hear more of his music, and wanting to know more about him. The EP demonstrates that A.K.i.L is potent enough to rival his rapper counterparts, witty and intelligent enough for the thinkers, creative enough for the artsy crowd and at the same time brings forth a level of smoothness and style that allows him to appeal to the ladies.

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