Akila Cook

Akila Cook

 Dallas, Texas, USA
BandHip HopChristian

Akila Cook is a Christian rapper and singer from Rockwall, Texas. Who has devoted his life to spreading the gospel through rap and song.


Akila won the Texas Has Talent Competition as a rapper when he was 18. His lyrics are powerful and encouraging and he connects with audiences of all ages in his shows. Akila feels that every day is a fight when you live for Jesus Christ. For the last two years Akila has been ministering to youth at different events around the Dallas area. His first album is titled "Ready for War" because Akila feels that it is a fight when you live for Jesus and that Satan is going to throw anything your way, peer pressure or temptations. Akila feels that you must always have to stand and stay grounded in the word of Christ


Ready for War is available on itunes and amazon.com

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