Akilah Brock

Akilah Brock

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip HopPop

It all began when my mom passed. I wrote a poem for her that she never got to hear. I would recite it to all my friends. On her 1yr anniversary of her passing a friend gave me the opportunity to record the poem as a song. I've never looked back since. That day, the artist Akilah Brock was born!


It takes a lot of balls walking up to Jay-Z. But that’s exactly what Kingston, Jamaica born Akilah did when a mutual acquaintance gave her the opportunity to meet the God MC during a 2005 record release party for Ne-Yo. After a brief verbal exchange, Jay gave the upstart two words of advice that she’s embraced ever since: “Come harder.” Blessed with a go-getter spirit and determination, Ms. Akilah Brock has matched her talent with a hustle Mr. Carter couldn’t deny.

Akilah has always been impassioned by the arts. After being transplanted from the home of Bob Marley to the birthplace of Nas (Queens, NY) as an infant, the little Leo would be introduced to dancing and modeling at an early age. While attending the highly prestigious Benjamin Cardozo High School, Akilah became the director for Senior S.I.N.G., a high school performance competition that put her in charge of 75 of her classmates. Unfortunately it would take tragedy for Akilah to embrace her immense leadership and musical potential.

In October 2004 Akilah’s mother passed away due to Cancer. Looking for an emotional outlet, she poured her pain into a heartfelt poem called “Sunrise to Sunset.” Reciting the powerful words to her friends at every instance, Akilah finally recorded the poem as a song on the one-year anniversary of her mother’s passing. After that first experience in the studio, Akilah the artist was born. “I was able to release so many emotions,” she remembers. “It just felt like the words were coming from another place.”

Inspired by artists like Salt-N-Pepa, The Notorious B.I.G. and Onyx, Akilah set out to craft songs with mass appeal and a message. Her successful mission can be heard on her eclectic debut "TE$TIMONEY", with inspirational tracks like the rise-up anthem “Get It In” and the rock-tinged “Automatic Addict”. There’s also her current single, “Icy Hot,” which is a standout party cut that will keep dance floors packed and have bodies rockin’ all night long.

It’s the road to success for Akilah Brock. With killer curves, colorful music and an equally as imaginative marketing plan packed for her journey, not even Jay-Z could knock her hustle.


Make It Rain Mixtape
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