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A Killing Dove

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We are constantly recording new and old songs, reworking them and making them sound even better. Currently you can hear 5 of our best songs on our myspace at www.myspace.com/killingdove



Born amidst the rain and slush of London's chilly wintertime, A Killing Dove began with three Americans, Jake Brown and Seth and Kyle Garello, moving to London to begin a year of study at the famous Tech Music schools. They came to London with one goal in mind: find a Bass player who shares their passion for music; not just for playing music, but for appreciating music itself. They never dreamed they would find 19 year old Jameson Bell, a Canadian who had packed up his bags and moved to London to attend the same school as them, who shared their passion and their drive. Jake and Jameson shared a class at school together, and Jake took this oppourtunity to pass a demo of their music to him. Jameson took it home and listened to it, instantly intrigued and impressed by the diversity and character of the songs. Days later, he joined the band and A Killing Dove as we know it was born.

It turns out that the Trio and Jameson lived only a few blocks away from eachother, and that fueled a quick forming friendship, with the four of them spending almost every night either down at the school trying to get a practice room so they could jam, or in the Trio's apartment, jamming on unplugged instruments and beer cans, quickly writing three brand new songs titled "An Introduction", "Bottled Embers" and "Aleksandra Hit the Sun". Through their contacts at the school, they met Lee Hirons, a producer and engineer who had worked at many noteable London recording studios, including the famous Abbey Road Studios. He agreed, for a fee, to record those three songs. A Killing Dove spent four days traveling from their dirty flats in Acton, West London to Fulham Broadway and back, cramming their guitars and themselves into crowded Underground trains and stations. At the end of those four days, they held in their hands the fruits of their creative labour. Freshly recorded demo in hand, they returned to the USA, with Jameson leaving behind his Canadian home to join them in Washington state to begin their adventure.

A Killing Dove's influences range far and wide, with each member bringing a love of different kinds of music into their playing and expression. Jake Brown can always be counted on to bring Rock to the table, with his love of Queens of the Stone Age, Pearl Jam and other hard rocking groups, not to mention his love of energetic music such as Bad Religion, Elastica and The Toadies. Seth is playfully called the Mad Scientist, as his love of more out there music, such as Built to Spill, At the Drive In, as well as an appreciation for jazz musicians such as John Scofield. Kyle brings a varied taste in music to the table, from rock groups such as the Foo Fighters and Post Stardom Depression to killer latin grooves from his experience in playing in a very talented Latin group, to funk such as Parliament/Funkadelic. Jameson brings a history of classical music to the band, with his father being a world renowned classical composer, as well as a love for industrial music such as Nine Inch Nails and electronic music such as the drum and bass group Pendulum. Everyone in the band shares a number of fundamental influences, such as Soundgarden, the Smashing Pumpkins, and Led Zeppelin.

What sets A Killing Dove apart from other bands is their honesty and conviction. They aren't out trying to score the biggest deal and make the most money by sacrificing their integrity and sounding like every other band out there. They purely love music in all its forms, and are trying to bring something new to the table, a fresh take on all the music they love.