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A Killing Dove

Vancouver, Washington, United States

Vancouver, Washington, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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"Loud at DD"

Michael Strub

Being new in town, a good spot for live local music was numero uno on my list of to-dos. My first live show in Vancouver was a huge let-down: gritty spot, horrible service and sound sucked for no more of a reason than a lazy sound crew. How hard is it to throw a mic on at least the kick drum when they have two towers of speakers? Luckily, the March 12 concert at Dublin Down (hereafter referred to as “DD”) was a much better second offering. VanLocal360 hosted the night. The local music promoter seems to have his finger on Vancouver music but isn’t biased enough to exclude Portland bands.

This was my second DD experience. Months earlier, my wife and I escaped to DD after stumbling into a place next door that was hosting the equivalent of karaoke night in the cantina where Han Solo and Luke first met. Upon returning, I was taken aback by the nice-sized stage built in the last month. I noticed enough of a P.A. for mere vocals again. I thought, “JEEZ, does anyone in The ‘Couv know how to mic a band?”

So. It’s 9 p.m., but what show ever starts on time? This one. Four non-pretentious looking gentlemen mount their quality instruments and bombard us with powerful yet melodic and dynamic songs. Oxcart be thy name. Keep in mind this is my first experience with Oxcart. If I was the shallow, cliché, one-word-describing, pigeon-holing sort, I’d say everything cool about old school Queens of the Stone Age. No super identifiable image or shticks. Just good music. I don’t know what kind of sound check went on, but the keys, guitars and drums were perfectly blended. I’m already having fun. I’m thinking, “YES! I found a spot for drink and rock within’ stumbling distance from the house!” While I give these completely humble and approachable fellas their props, the next band sets up.

Both guitarists and the bassist of A Killing Dove are rocking hollow-bodies. At this juncture I’m think we’re about to experience Northwestern rock-a-billy. I can dig a good rock-a-billy band, but sometimes they’ll excuse their lack of musicianship with a description of the genre. As in, “We’re ‘indie,’ ‘underground,’ ‘punk!’ (etc.) … We’re supposed to sound unpolished!”

I sit front and center with a touch of perma-grin when out of nowhere Mr. Frontman, with the most glorious soul patch I’ve ever seen, does an Elvis running leg move with just enough of a Forrest Gump accent to be beyond crowd-provoking. This Dickie-clad wild man and the rest of his cohorts are just riding in the midst of their songs with eyes closed and nodding and bobbing on downbeats. I’m really diggin’ the fact that neither band so far evidences the same concern for wardrobe or image as I’ve seen in most cities. It’s just about the music. A Killing Dove kind of has that Queens sound as well: ,o over-thought genre name, just organic (no pun) uncomplicated yet not boring loud music.

By this time I’m really looking forward to Two Headed Monster. The revelation of the name comes when the guitarist stacks an Orange and a Marshall half-stack atop each other as one. Oh snap. Then I see him unveil what looked like either a Custom or a McCarty PRS. I simultaneously hear the angels singing while in the back of my mind I question whether or not my face is about to be ripped off. Much time passes. The vocalist finally takes the stage in a wife-beater and a hoody. I love this town. He actually checks his mic in partial falsetto. “Ruuuun… to the hiiiiiillllsss…” Now I’m almost scared.

I only caught a few songs before having to pay the tab and rush home to make sure I haven’t been widowed by my under-the-weather better half. Thankfully, there was neither throwback metal nor was my face removed. I only wish the night hadn’t gone so late and I wasn’t so preoccupied with getting home. I hope for another chance at romance with Two Headed Monster in the near future. Still the night was far from disappointing.

- Vanvoice.com

"Hellacoil Opens for A Killing Dove-Searchlights"

"The garage band turned pro is making a statement in the Pacific Northwest. A Killing Dove provides dynamic rhythms, comprehensive lyrics, strong vocals and top guitar work."

- LaGrandeLife.com

"Hempfest 2010 Started at Myrtle Edwards Park, Seattle"

Hempfest 2010 Started at Myrtle Edwards Park, Seattle
Posted by Vinay Sojitra on Aug 21, 2010

Seattle Hempfest is an annual event which is carried out in Seattle, Washington. It is a world’s largest annual gathering advocating decriminalization of marijuana. Seattle Hempfest is ‘Two Days’, and is held the third weekend in August each year. This time Seattle Hempfest is on August 21-22, 2010. Timing of events is from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Admission to Seattle Hempfest is free. The event spans three Seattle waterfront parks: Elliott Bay Park (North Entrance), Myrtle Edwards Park, and Olympic Sculpture Park (South Entrance).

Seattle Hempfest was originated in 1991 as the Washington Hemp Expo, a self-described “humble gathering of stoners” attended by only 500 people, and renamed the following year as Hempfest, and it has grown into a 2-day annual political rally, concert, and arts and crafts fair with attendance typically over 100,000. Speakers have included Seattle city council member Nick Licata, actor/activist Woody Harrelson (2004), travel writer and TV host Rick Steves (2007), former Dallas Cowboys center Mark Stepnoski (2003), and former chief of the Seattle Police Department Norm Stamper (2006). The festival has an annual budget of approximately $200, 000.

- Today24News

"Hempfest Seattle Line 2010"

Seattle Hempfest features five stages of world-class music, and is the largest gathering of speakers on Hemp and Marijuana policy reform in the World!
* DanceSafe Electronic Music Stage
* Hemposium Music Stage
* Peter McWilliams Memorial Stage
* Share Parker Memorial Main Stage
* Ralph and Judith Seeley Memorial Stage - Seattle Hempfest

"Seattle Hempfest Starts Tommorow"

Seattle Hempfest Starts TomorrowThe world’s largest marijuana reform event returns to Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle this weekend. Hundreds of thousands of supporters are expected to flock to the two-day Hempfest.Now 20 years old, Seattle Hempfest boasts a terrific lineup of speakers and bands on five stages, and a cornucopia of stoner-themed harvest and food at the many vending booths. This year’s event is dedicated to Jack Herer, who passed away in April. - Oucognition.com

"A Killing Dove -Longview WA"

Great show last night guys thanks for comin out. dig the cd by the way

- May 23, 2010 10:54 AM - Fight Back Booking

"Eastern Oregon/Idaho Tour w/ 45th Parallel"

Absolutely! Great seeing and playing with you cats too! We'll have to do it again soon! I had Saving the Princess stuck in my head for three days! Rock on!

- Apr 22, 2010 4:44 PM - Myspace

"The Look of The Eye Tour-A Killing Dove"

A Killing Dove from Vancouver Washington will begin their “The Look of the Eye Tour” on July 23rd in Kelso Washington at the Regent Restaurant.

The alternative rock entourage, A Killing Dove, consists of Jake Brown on Guitar and Vocals, Seth Garello on Guitar and Effects, Kyle Garello on Drums on Cowbell and Fred Clark on Bass. In their blue van, A Killing Dove will trek thru seven states in two weeks. The band will be seen as far north at the 406 Club in Great Falls Montana and as far south as The Farm in Las Vegas Nevada.

While supplies last along the tour, A Killing Dove will carry their own merchandise and the Slamscene Warp Tour Download Cards. A Killing Dove is one of the 40 artists featured on the cards and their music can be heard on the Slamscene sites including www.slamscene.com/ .

The musical style of A Killing Dove is solid and stems from the roots of Rock & Roll. Besides a strong foundation in rock, the band that has been a group since 2006, has devoted a year of training at the Musician’s Institute in London England. Over a year ago, A Killing Dove has shown dedication by moving to one of the west coast’s liveliest music scenes near Portland Oregon. This dedication had paid off and A Killing Dove can regularly be seen on Portland and Seattle.

A Killing Dove is always busy writing new material that becomes a swirling mass of musical energy. Along the “The Look of The Eye Tour”, a Killing Dove will be testing out three new songs along with their solid tried and true favorites. Fans finds that, their songs can leave a lasting impression on the soul.

A Killing Dove is vying for a position on The Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands Warp Tour. To vote and watch the band move up the charts see http://www.battleofthebands.com/a_killing_dove - Echo Eyes Promotions

"A Killing Dove at 98.7 KUBQ with J.T."

The guys from A Killing Dove and Folding In stopped by the studio to play a few acoustic songs. Each band talked about how they got started, and what it's like to play with each other on the road.
J.T. at 98.7 KUBQ - 98.7 KUBQ

"Tri-Cities Events Live Interview 10/10/07"

Live video interview with A Killing Dove by Tri-Cities Events - Tri-Cities Events

"A Killing Dove and Folding In at Stockman's"

Some major talent has been known to come from the Tri-Cities area. On Friday May 1st, Baker City and La Grande will have the opportunity to listen to some of the best alternative/rock/garage music from Tri-Cities and Portland. Stockman’s in Baker City will host Folding In from our Washington neighbor and A Killing Dove now from Portland. Both bands have had their beginnings in Tri-Cities and will soon expand their fan base to include Northeast Oregon.

The four members of Folding In will open for A Killing Dove’s Jake Brown on Guitar and Vocals, Seth Garello on Guitar and Effects, Kyle Garello Drums and the all important cowbell and Fred Clark on Bass.

Both bands have been active in the business for several years. And, two members of Folding In which includes Travis Sawada on guitar and backup vocals, Chris Plummer on bass and backup vocals, Tyler Norman on vocals and guitar and Tom Andes on percussion have been in La Grande in the past with the now extinct band From The Dust.

Throughout the day of May 1st you will have the opportunity to listen to the band. If the eight guys from two bands can manage a three hour drive beginning at 6:00 am. in the morning, they will get the opportunity to interview with J.T. Thorne at 987. KUBQ. If they survive the hard pounding questions of J.T., our college station, KEOL will get a crack at the guys at noon. - The Go Magazine April 09


A Killing Dove
Six song self-titled e.p.

Break the Formualic
Twelve song second release



A Killing Dove was formed when three like minded musicians (Jake Brown and brothers Kyle and Seth Garello) all moved to London England to go to music school and further their musical aspirations. After a while trying to nail down a low end the three members collectively decided upon their old friend Fred Clark to round out the band on bass guitar.

Since then they have recorded a successful self-titled song CD, the band has booked gigs up and down the west coast. A Killing Dove has also navigated a month long tour of seven states which culminated August 2010 at Hempfest Seattle. This two day event brought over 100,000 visitors and live music to five stages.

Unaffected, passionate and confidant this band has the ability to embrace and enthrall any audience that it encounters.