A King Also & The Royal Court
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A King Also & The Royal Court

Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Hip Hop Rock




"Seattle’s A King Also Prepares for October Release"

Itchy Music Entertainment Hip Hop artist A King Also (A.K.A)is back at it again!

The Seattle emcee is in the studio working on what he calls “a project for his fans and supporters.” He has teamed up with Northwest producer and fellow hip hop artist Carl Roe to bring a self-described “PREVIEW of what is to come from him from here on out.”

The 6 song EP will be released on October 31, 2012 and will be available globally through all major digital retailers, the IME official online store and through AudioMack. For more information follow A King Also on Twitter @akingalso or find him on Facebook www.facebook.com/akamusiconline

- Itchy Music & Entertainment - www.itchymetal.com

"Sleepless In Seattle – A King Also serves up a “Slice”"

Does this man ever sleep or take a break? Itchy Music Entertainment Hip Hop artist “A King Also” @akingalso releases a brand new single entitled “The Slice” – Produced in the Emerald City by DJ Semaj @djsemaj, recorded and engineered by Carl Roe @carl_roe. As he continues to work on his forthcoming EP and third IME Release “…I Thought You Knew”. A.K.A. promises a twist in the EP that everyone will be excited and intrigued about. While in anticipation, get a sneak preview of the new track at www.audiomack.com/song/aka-1/the-slice

- Itchy Music & Entertainment - www.itchymetal.com

"A King Also – I Thought You Knew [EP] (Review)"

If I could get that little gadget Will Smith used in Men in Black to erase people’s memories and replace it with a new one I’d find it pretty fuckin’ handy right about now. Why? Because whatever you thought you knew about AKA before “I Thought You Knew” deserves to be completely erased. This new EP is leaps, bounds, hops, skips and jumps ahead of anything previously released by the big fella and that’s not just me gassing the dude up cause I know him personally. In my professional opinion this project is the real coming out for AKA. It’s a solidly stacked yet short and sweet EP which does two things that work to AKA’s favor. 1) It keeps the vibe consistent and 2) gives very little room for repetition of sounds and topics that haunted the previous joints he put out. Not that it was a bad thing but the duration actually has you wanting to hear more as a listener.

The question I kept asking myself when listening to the tape is what is it that’s so different this time around? He’s still the same AKA – an honest, self-proclaimed working class artist who likes to talk about chicks and his own life in a very everyday man tone. I think the big thing is with “I Thought You Knew”, he seems to have found his sound and because of it he sounds more in the pocket with the tracks, more confident with the rhymes he spits and therefore more authentic overall. There’s no sense of reaching, just strait up AKA.

A lot of credit in this goes to AKA employing the production and engineering services of Carl Roe who has seemingly shot out of nowhere and into the conversation of the local hip hop scene in recent history. He applied the spit shine and polish that gives the EP the best presentation AKA has had to date. I can say this with first hand knowledge after a short stint in Roe’s studio with AKA working on Groupies (produced by Dyme Def soundsmith Brainstorm). Roe was the Phil Jackson Zen master behind the board coaching, pushing and pulling AKA in the booth to get that in-the-pocket sound. That my friends is ol’ school production, that good ol’ hands on approach to making it happen, take notes.

There really is no “standout” track on the song and that is a good thing. All the songs are of a high level and nothing really outshines anything else. It really is the best foot forward each track through. It is worth noting though, “Dream Big”, another Brainstorm produced joint, has an accompanying video shot by another dope MC in the town Produktive which is again another really good step forward. It’s a good solid video with little in the way of a theme or storyline which again serves AKA for the positive. There’s no corny acting, no amateur level storyline to try and follow. It’s just AKA in the camera with a few cohorts vibin out at the EMP.

AKA deserves a listen from you this time around if you’re a supporter of independent hip hop. Is it YOUR cup of tea? Eh, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. That’s for you to decide but you surely will find some level of satisfaction throughout it and a guy who’s worked as hard as he has to improve his craft in every way is always worthy of a good solid listen and online look up. On the flipside, if I’m listening as a fan and not some “professional” blah blah whatever, there is something to be desired on “I Thought You Knew”. I honestly can’t put my finger on what it is exactly but there’s something… And while everything sounds great and the songs are well put together I think AKA needs that ONE song that joint that really resonates with who he’s trying to reach. Maybe on this tape it is “Dream Big”, I dunno. Either way, big ups to the homey. You upgraded your sound, you upgraded your rhymes, you upgraded your package and for that I give an A for effort. I have had an incredibly hard time giving it an overall grade.
4 out 5 feels a little too high yet a 3 or 3 ½ feels too low.

Just go out and support it and come up with your own score!

- Q Dot for www.iamqdot.com

"Album Review: A.K.A. #ITHOUGHYOUKNEW [EP]"

Let’s start this article off like this, I have been following A.K.A.’s (A King Also) music for over 3 yrs. From the summer of 2010, he was knocking out mix-tapes after mix-tapes and rocking shows from Tacoma-Everett. When ready, he finally dropped an album titled “Resurgence,” released back on July 15, 2011, and then another titled “The Array,” released on March 31, 2012. Both albums had great content and sound. If you have been a fan of his since then, get ready to be blown away.

His new #IThoughtYouKnew EP is far greater and has more depth to it. Most will argue and say, “of course, his music sounds better because he has production by, seasoned artist-producer, Brainstorm of Dyme Def and newly acclaimed artist-producer-engineer, Carl Roe.” In all honesty, if you are in the music business, whether mainstream, underground or indie, you will understand that not everyone will sound good on the same producers beats.

My personal favorites are “Life Story,” “Groupies” and “What The World Needs”. Life Story, has everything that makes a great track into the life of the artists matched with stellar production. I honestly enjoy everything done to this track. Groupies featuring Q Dot and produced by Brainstorm, is ‘THE DEFINITION’ of how a groupie really is. This song is straight raps with no hook. What The World Needs, is a song basically saying that the world needs the music of A.K.A. and Carl Roe. I agree! I think the nickname of this song should be “Sweet Love”. I am proud of my boi, A.K.A., and all parties for working together to create a BANGER of an EP. This is what it sounds like, when you attract the right people and bring them into the creation of a well guided project.

Word of Advice to any artist, remember to work with those who will fully support you with 110%, but make sure they are individuals who will help your career advance. Never settle for those who will take advantage of you, hold you back and not truly see your vision. It is a TEAM effort!

We appreciate you for taking the time out to reading our post! Thank you for your support. Again big ups to my boi, A.K.A. for this amazing EP! Yeah, I downloaded it and passed it on. #FRESHCOAST

- Dylan Foster for Indastreetlyfe Music LLC

"Announcement and Review of A.K.A. debut EP"

this was a write up done on the debut EP from A.K.A. - thanorthwest.com

"Quick 6 with A.K.A."

Seattle Uberblogger Casey Carter asks Seattle Hip Hop artist A.K.A. 6 random questions - Casey Carter

"Chive On California’s Review of “A King Also and The Royal Court""

Maybe a little insight as to how “A King Also and The Royal
Court" got linked up with Chive On California is in order. Chive
On California is a group that throws charity events with all
proceeds benefiting charities. We got a tweet from Kevin asking
if his band could play our upcoming May 10th event in San
Diego. After watching their “Keep Calm” video on YouTube we
knew we had to have “A King Also and The Royal Court" play
our event. So, we called up Kevin and booked the gig, one thing
with charity event is we have zero budgets… Kevin and his
crew agreed to travel all the way from Seattle to San Diego to
play the event for FREE…. It the charity world that’s a big
deal…. Free is our best friend. That’s the kind of guys we are
talking about here. Not just awesome musicians but super down
to earth, big hearted guys.

On a night filled with one of the most vibrant crowds we have seen, "A King Also and The Royal Court" was given the task to take the party to the next level. Playing to over of 700+ patrons, the band had the whole crowds attention 15 seconds into the first song, and they never lost it. Playing to the crowd with immense interaction and confidence, "A King Also and The Royal Court" plowed through their set and energized an already energetic crowd. With catchy hooks, ear appeasing guitar riffs all coupled with the bass and drum backbone, "A King Also and The Royal Court" is the total package. If you see their album or hear of a live show, do yourself a favor and check them out.

Ron Coleman
Chief Operating Officer
Chive On California - Ron Coleman


Death Of A Stereotype - Coming 2015



What do you get when you take a rapper who is the nephew of the godfather of funk, an EDM DJ and a band who's main influence is heavy metal? You get A King Also and The Royal Court. They are a blend of musicians who bring something different to the table. Each has a different background that helps bring together the music they make.

Although formed in 2013, each band member has a long history in music.

Guitar player and vocalist Etienne has been around music for 14 years playing and continuing to master the guitar for 8 of those years. Before coming together with The Royal Court, this heavy metal loving guy played in 4 bands (Cold Black Memory, Antihero, Failed Sobriety and Hide The Scarz whom he played SXSW with before). Etienne brings the experience of being in a band as well as the rockstar attitude that has made him the funny man of the group.

Brandon is an energetic and versatile DJ, playing music anywhere from Hard Electro-House to Hip-Hop. He has been self-taught since 2004. His influences include; his mother, whom was a music major, Wes Nesman The Original Digital Dragon and Joseph Hahn otherwise known as “Mr. Hahn” from Linkin Park. His passion and appreciation for music drives through him since childhood. Brandon’s ambition is to keep the energy of music alive.

Vocalist Kevin has been writing songs since he was 13, finally took the jump to become an artist in 2009. He has been around the music business for 20 years, that's not too surprising with him being the nephew of funk legend George Clinton. Kevin has always wanted to be part of a band, showing that he is far more than just a rapper. He loves the way a band builds a song together and makes it a reality. He strives to bring back the art in hip hop with his lyricism and bravado on the microphone. His goal is to leave an impact on his audience, whether at one of his shows or while listening to the bands album. 

Jr Is the life blood, the heart of this band. He’s been banging out beautiful music on his drums for 11 years.  Prior to becoming the heart of The Royal Court he was in Cold Black Memory with Etienne and Marcus and also played with Nations Ignited in the past. Jr brings his ability to think outside the box in his drummer and his improvisation is quite on point. When he and bandmate Brandon get together and do their collaboration on stage they leave the whole crowd wanting more.

Matt a self taught guitar player, cancer survivor and Army veteran has been playing for 7 years, prior to his partnering with TRC he was in the bands Cry Of Sickness and in Failed Sobriety with Etienne. Matt brings a humor to the band which shows during rehearsals and shows. He’s a tall drink of water who always has an idea and for some reason always wants the band to play “Beat It” by Michael Jackson.

Marcus is the pulse, that smooth walk in the park on a spring day some would say. From the way he plays it you couldn’t tell that it’s only been 3 years since he picked it up. 14 years in music has given him the experience of learning the saxophone as well as the bass. Marcus has been in two bands with Etienne, Hide The Scarz and Cold Black Memory with Jr as well. His biggest influences in music have been Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Fieldy of Korn. 

With more than 60+ years of music experience in this band, they are on the rise to do great things. They are currently working gerting ready to release their debut album “Death Of A Stereotype". 

Band Members