Boston, Massachusetts, USA

From energetic pop to dark rock to thumping dance and hip hop, Akisma defies categorization and challenges world ideas. Brien and Jess bring a fascinating journey of more than a decade to the stage with guitars, basses, laptops, controllers, megaphones, and much more!


First and foremost in love with sound, and in a constant affair with performance, Akisma has always been an intense, rule-defying entity. They make you laugh, cry, and rock the hell out, all within a single set!

Merging sounds from the Deftones to Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Tool, The Joy Formidable, and Daft Punk, Brien and Jess draw on their vast influences to produce only the finest in club-thumping, fist-pumping electronic rock.

It's unbelievably important, at this time, for artists to contribute to the dialog on both world and local events, as avenues for responsible expression are quickly being shut down and overloaded with lies. This is a main, undying passion for Akisma: make a listener think, if lucky, in a new way.


Our latest singles are 'Hello Despair' and 'Never Leave My Mind', available on our soundcloud page.

Radio and Streaming:
Comfortable Ignorance, Mountain, Day I Died

[upcoming] Epochalypse
You Know Better

Set List

I Forget
Comfortable Ignorance
Walk Around
Day I Died
Dark Matter
Who Can We Trust? (sometimes acoustic)
Off the Rope (unreleased)