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Aistha's Kiss

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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Aistha’s Kiss is the brainchild of Vinnie and Reagan - a pair of musicians, artists, and twin flame souls who have a passion for music, style, fashion, and life.

Aistha’s Kiss was born of that passion and that is the defining thread that connects all aspects of the group. We are a band, a style, a brand, and a story.

Aistha's Kiss: Music - Passion - Style

Music is the heart of Aistha's Kiss. A group of seasoned musicians, Aistha's Kiss uses the summation of their influences from classic rock, 80's metal, grunge, nu-metal, and unplugged rock to create a sound that is unique, and yet appealing to any fan of rock music.

Passion is the driver behind all we do here at Aistha's Kiss and it can be seen in every endeavor. Whether its our lyrics and songs of love and pain, our rock-concert stage show with high-energy performances, the design and crafting of our product lines for a unique rock style, or the spark and the look you see shared in the eyes of the founders - passion is the very soul of Aistha's Kiss.

Style is our line of hand-crafted unique rock couture line. From modern, one-of-a-kind clothing to distinct, hand-crafted jewelry and accessories; Aistha's Kiss has something for everyone. Every item made by Aistha's Kiss is designed and created by hand here in our studios. You will find our clothing and accessory lines at Hollywood boutiques, various online stores, and sales booths at various local events and shows. You may even find the band members doing an acoustic set at a sales booth to promote the clothing and the music.

What's in a name?

The name "Aistha's Kiss" has a very special meaning to the two founding members of the band. The words and story are from an ancient time, and has evolved with real-life experiences into the following:

Pronunciation: ACE-the

English synonym: soulmate

Short definition: For each soul, an aistha is the one perfect person in this world they are destined to find. The one they are perfectly compatible with and will find the purest joy, contentment, passion and connection with. A soulmate, a twin flame, the one true love...and then some.

Full story: An ancient word long forgotten, a person's aistha is the one person perfect for them, designed for them, who they will, if they are open to it, find at some point in their life. Once they are found, to be cliche but accurate, they will live happily ever after. This is an almost magical connection these people have to each other. They will find in this person someone they are entirely compatible with (although not a photocopy of), their soulmate, their other half, their twin flame.

Those who meet their aistha will sense this on some level when they've found it, but it is unarguably confirmed by the rather unique side of this connection which begins with the aistha's kiss. It is an ordinary kiss, physically, but accompanied by a complete emotional surrender, complete concentration on and trust in the other person, essentially putting your entire mind, heart, and soul into this one person and this one kiss and this one moment. The result of that moment is the creation of a lifelong bond that is emotional, spiritual and physical.

From that moment and that kiss on any activity between the two, from holding hands to orgasm to simply living life is exponentially more pleasurable than it was before that point or than it ever could be with anyone else. They are sealed together as a single, more-powerful entity.

The other side of this experience is about struggle and hardship. Aistha do not usually find each other under easy circumstances. Thus the pursuit of this connection and the fulfillment of their destiny is a test of their devotion, of their strength and of themselves as they fight their way through obstacles in order to reach true freedom and true love.

Traveling this hard and rocky road, and surviving it, is a testament to what they have found in each other and brings them even closer and makes them even stronger. This test helps to solidify the powerful and eternal bond they will share, and allows them to shed their personal demons in order to let light shine on all aspects of their lives and the lives around them.

Ours is this story, and through our music and our creations, as well as our hearts and souls, we share this story with all who will listen. We are Aistha's Kiss.