Jacob Braun/Akonabobana

Jacob Braun/Akonabobana


listening my music is like entering the sunniest mood on the rainiest day. it's organic, a bit trippy, off the wall funny. it all comes from within the deptohs of myself really. i never understand how i reach a final product. i think it explains the beauty of the northwest in a pretty cool way.


I started up in a band in 6th grade (we're still playing today under the name ghostapes) and i started recording my own music in 8th grade. I was born sept 16 1993. i like animals and pretty girls and rocking out and chillin to the max. if beer was a vegetable i wouldn't drink it. that's beyond any point though.

my influences include rock and roll, animal collective growths, brainfeeder, bon iver, elliot smith, pavement, cool things.


2010-akonkabobana (i am the bear)
2010-akonabobana (who are mountains)
2011- akonabobana (filling the gaps)
2012- akonabobana (my friends it gets dark)
2012- akonabobana (for:)
2012- akonabobana (camp away)
2013- jacob braun (bedroomed)