Boston, Massachusetts, USA
BandHip Hop

In a world where the last bastions of real unadulterated hip-hop are threatened more and more daily by gimmicks like Autotune, Akrobatik is the authentic embodiment of the artform, using his microphone to stimulate thought and broaden horizons all while keeping crowds jumping.

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1998 - "Ruff Enuff" b/w "Woman" (Single)
1999 - "SayYesSayWord" b/w "Militant Raw" & "Live" (Single)
2000 - The EP (EP)
2003 - Balance (LP)
2003 - "Remind My Soul" b/w "Livin' in the City" (Single)
2008 - Black Dialogue (LP)
2008 - "A to the K" b/w "Beast Mode" (Single)