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Herndon, Virginia, United States | INDIE

Herndon, Virginia, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Reggae


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"Akshan Pearl, featuring Laura Song"

The maximum potential of serenity is received from a stamina that is as precious a priceless jewel. Emotions that are keepsakes of forever that act as a sanctuary result in responsiveness that ranks highly from one spirit to another spirit with character & honorable quality. The wholesomeness of emotions that beacons an individual to project clarity unyieldingly by producing great bliss showcases that one’s heart has been confiscated by a beautiful encounter that will always be remembered as epic. If the words were removed from Akshan’s latest video for “Pearl” & only expressed through pantomime the heart of viewers would still be punctured from the defining essence visually presented. Akshan adheres to his female companion as Laura Song lyrically accommodates to the pleasant message of “Pearl.” With a courageous heart of emotions that possesses bravery & boldness that exudes more than a simple statement of love, Akshan skillfully waits with the weight of an urge for an opportunity. - DMV Culture

"Album Review"

The ambitious Akshan (pronounced "action"), a DJ of Jamaican descent out of the Washington, DC area, is determined to make his name known, as he expresses on "Akshan (The Next Big Thing)". While it's up to the audience to determine if he indeed is "the next big thing," Akshan takes great strides in making it a reality. This includes a hot sound, a slick look, high-rate production values, and professional packaging and design. Time fi Akshan (the first half, at least) features the type of R&B-accentuated, party dancehall that has driven recent successes by Wayne Wonder and Kevin Lyttle. This sound may be a bit too stylized for some tastes (particularly the familiar remakes of Bob Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" ["Heaven's Door"] and Sade's "Sweetest Taboo" ["That's O.K."]), but there's little doubt that it works well on cuts like "Ohh Well", the title track, "Black Woman", "A Try", and "He-Man" (You have to give props to anyone who can make a song referencing the Masters of the Universe work.). Akshan's sometimes chatting, sometimes singing vocals have a likeable charisma, something approaching Shinehead's melodic, old-school flow. About halfway through the album, Akshan shifts modes abruptly -- perhaps too much so, as it feels a bit like two albums fused into one. Starting with the tranquil, acoustic interlude "Ras Palo Overstanding", he becomes more serene and rootsy. The quality of the material, however, is still solid. The biggest standout on the album, in fact, is the resounding roots-flavored jam "Jah Mek Yah", a proud statement of the DJ's Jamaican heritage. Tracks 17 through 19 are bonus, unnamed rootsy tunes recorded live in Blacksburg, Virginia (thus explaining the drunken "yee-haws"). Track 17 is a swaying lovers number, while 18 and 19 are more cultural in tone, and all are genuinely hot. Hopefully, they're not merely part of his live show and will be committed to studio recordings at some point. Overall, Time fi Akshan may not "take reggae to the next level," as the liner notes claim, but it's still an impressive package boasting the quality of more renowned reggae labels. Check it out at akshanmusic.com.

3.5 out of 5 rating - www.reggae-reviews.com

"Get Familiar with Akshan"

Get familiar with Akshan and Island Rocker

By: Michael Andrews

Baltimore Hip-Hop Music Examiner

Remember when you used to hear Reggae on the radio? Shabba, Sean, Beanie; wherefore art thou? That question could possibly be answered by asking "What happened to the radio;" but that’s another article. As music changes and as radio evolves, the aforementioned artists became typecast as one-track reggae artists, and thus became dispensable when it came to radio play and cross-genre appeal. Music in 2011 worldly. Artists are successful when they appeal to a multitude of listeners. Think of some of the most popular artists right now.

Enter Akshan; Jamaican born artist residing in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia)area. I call him an artist because he is just that. On his website, he's classified as Reggae Hip Fusion Alternative. What the heck does that mean? It means nobody puts Akshan in a box. As a matter of fact, after seeing Akshan perform, all boxes get obliterated. Akshan is releasing his 2nd full CD, entitled Island Rocker. He's an independent artist, with a major sound and has the potential to be a star in the DMV, and beyond.

Island Rocker is very musical and melodic. After one full listen, I found myself humming and singing along with the tracks. The album is unique, yet familiar and memorable. Akshan's harmonies and musicality make Island Rocker more than a Reggae album; more complex than a typical R&B album; not necessarily pop. I guess its “Reggae Hip Fusion Alternative.” The lead-off single "Jealous Type," produced by up and coming producer, Arsonal, was preliminarily released in 2010 and received extremely positive feedback and over 10,000 internet downloads.

Highlights of Island Rocker are many. With album reviews, I usually like to highlight three or four tracks to give readers a taste of what to expect on the album. For Island Rocker, it took me a while to figure out which three I would highlight. I would be completely justified by highlighting 8 of the 10 tracks on the album; but I have to give you a reason to go out and support Akshan.

I’ll attempt to capture the brightest moments on Island Rocker as only I can.

Rolling Stone; a well produced and arranged song. You really get to hear Akshan’s vocal ability in this song. The constant pressing of the keys and strings highlight the melody perfectly. Akshan croons “I’m a Rollin’ Stone…watch my go by aye aye.” This is music you listen to when you’re going 85 on GW Parkway on a cool fall evening; with the top down; singing at the top of your lungs at ignorant levels. I’m not the only one that does that, right?

Pearl: Another smooth joint from Akshan; tight vocal harmonies; excellent arrangement; honest lyrics. The melody of this song is truly the highlight. And who can be mad at the surprise vocals of DMV’s rising songstress, Laura Song. (Get familiar with Ms. Song…I’ll tell you about her soon!).

February Soft: Another vocal standout, February Soft tugs at the heart strings of listeners. Akshan’s falsetto riffs and harmonic tones, perfectly compliment the acoustic guitar.

Californicate - Akshan's diversity shines on this track. He’s coined a style called Euro-Yardie; yardie being a Jamaican or someone from the English-speaking Caribbean. The song starts out like a world-euro-tune; heavy synth and a poppy drum sound. His album is so melodic that you forget that this dude can spit that Yardie talk that could move the most underground dancehall. His Yardie-flow is on a 1000 at the end of this track. I wish he had a few more moments like this on the album.

Island Rocker definitely delivers a unique perspective on popular music. This is one of the few albums that I’ve heard recently where I can listen straight through. There is something on here for everyone. I need radio stations in the DMV to tune in. You don’t want to miss the boat on this Island Rocker!

Island Rocker is available for download now...


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For more information about Akshan, check out his website – www.akshanmusic.com

You can also follow Akshan on your favorite social networks:

Akshan on Twitter.

Akshan on Facebook.

Continue reading on Examiner.com Get familiar with Akshan and Island Rocker - Baltimore Hip-Hop Music | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/hip-hop-music-in-baltimore/get-familiar-with-akshan-and-island-rocker#ixzz1oHG2Zoiw
- DC Examiner


Time fi Akshan - Full length album released March 2005,
available on iTunes and most internet based music download sites.

Jealous Type - Single released February 2010
available on I-tunes and most internet based music sites.

Island Rocker - Full length album released September 2011, available on iTunes and most internet based music download sites.

DubCity Renegades (Self titled) EP - Reggae EP released October 2011.



Music reflects self expression that is dictated by the personal experiences and growth of an artist. As today’s musical landscape is rich with a variety of sounds and styles, a new breed of artist is evolving and Akshan is poised and ready to take artistry to the next level.

Akshan is a Jamaican born artist gifted with a confidence and command of stage that places him in a category of his own. Blending his Jamaican (Yard) heritage with a euro-pop dynamic, he creates a modern “Euro-Yard” style and genre which is indicative of who he is as an artist. Cross referencing the familiar yard patois and the English vernaculars, he has created a unique harmony driven hybrid that truly set Akshan apart from his contemporaries.

Akshan’s 2005 debut album “Time fi Akshan,” which is currently available on I-tunes, received much acclaim from fans, music critics and casual listeners alike. The debut project served as an introduction to the true star potential Akshan possesses. After releasing “Time fi Akshan”, he placed focus on his live performance, something he considers to be his true passion. Akshan has performed in venues throughout the east coast with the Atlanta-based fusion band “King Rat” and most recently with the roots reggae band “DubCity Renegades” (DCR) from the DC metropolitan area. In 2009, Akshan and DCR billed the international Rain Forest Aid Benefit Concert to raise awareness for Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula.

In 2010, Akshan released the pop-centric single, “Jealous Type”, produced by Andre “Arsonal” Sturdivant. The song was released initially as a market test for the sound in creation, “Jealous Type,” received extremely positive feedback as an independently released single with over 10,000 downloads in the first week. Following up on the successful test of Jealous Type, Akshan has released the “Island Rocker” which features the lead single “Jealous Type” along with a number of Arsonal-produced tracks including the title track “Island Rocker” and “Californicate”, which features vocals from the rising songstress Laura Song. Island Rocker includes additional production by The Truth Productions our of Anguilla, Polyphonic Dub Collective and Tenroy Cuffe.

Following the release of his latest project “Island Rocker”, Akshan will continue to perform on international stages while promoting the new LP and touring with DCR.

2011 is shaping up to be a monumental year for Akshan as the artist has hit an impressive musical stride. “I have developed an unbelievable synergy with my current production team. They know Akshan’s sound and how to bring the best our of me as a recording artist.”

When asked about the successes to come, Akshan states, “I am continually growing as an artist and will reach even higher heights 2011!”

For Akshan news, tour dates and downloads, visit www.akshanmusic.com.