Herndon, Virginia, USA

A versatile artist with a hybrid style of reggae, Pop, and R&B defined as Euro-Yard, backed by The DubCity Renegades, a band born from the roots reggae but influenced strongly by contemporary sounds.


Music reflects self expression that is dictated by the personal experiences and growth of an artist. As today’s musical landscape is rich with a variety of sounds and styles, a new breed of artist is evolving and Akshan is poised and ready to take artistry to the next level.

Akshan is a Jamaican born artist gifted with a confidence and command of stage that places him in a category of his own. Blending his Jamaican (Yard) heritage with a euro-pop dynamic, he creates a modern “Euro-Yard” style and genre which is indicative of who he is as an artist. Cross referencing the familiar yard patois and the English vernaculars, he has created a unique harmony driven hybrid that truly set Akshan apart from his contemporaries.

Akshan’s 2005 debut album “Time fi Akshan,” which is currently available on I-tunes, received much acclaim from fans, music critics and casual listeners alike. The debut project served as an introduction to the true star potential Akshan possesses. After releasing “Time fi Akshan”, he placed focus on his live performance, something he considers to be his true passion. Akshan has performed in venues throughout the east coast with the Atlanta-based fusion band “King Rat” and most recently with the roots reggae band “DubCity Renegades” (DCR) from the DC metropolitan area. In 2009, Akshan and DCR billed the international Rain Forest Aid Benefit Concert to raise awareness for Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula.

In 2010, Akshan released the pop-centric single, “Jealous Type”, produced by Andre “Arsonal” Sturdivant. The song was released initially as a market test for the sound in creation, “Jealous Type,” received extremely positive feedback as an independently released single with over 10,000 downloads in the first week. Following up on the successful test of Jealous Type, Akshan has released the “Island Rocker” which features the lead single “Jealous Type” along with a number of Arsonal-produced tracks including the title track “Island Rocker” and “Californicate”, which features vocals from the rising songstress Laura Song. Island Rocker includes additional production by The Truth Productions our of Anguilla, Polyphonic Dub Collective and Tenroy Cuffe.

Following the release of his latest project “Island Rocker”, Akshan will continue to perform on international stages while promoting the new LP and touring with DCR.

2011 is shaping up to be a monumental year for Akshan as the artist has hit an impressive musical stride. “I have developed an unbelievable synergy with my current production team. They know Akshan’s sound and how to bring the best our of me as a recording artist.”

When asked about the successes to come, Akshan states, “I am continually growing as an artist and will reach even higher heights 2011!”

For Akshan news, tour dates and downloads, visit www.akshanmusic.com.


Time fi Akshan - Full length album released March 2005,
available on iTunes and most internet based music download sites.

Jealous Type - Single released February 2010
available on I-tunes and most internet based music sites.

Island Rocker - Full length album released September 2011, available on iTunes and most internet based music download sites.

DubCity Renegades (Self titled) EP - Reggae EP released October 2011.

Set List

Original Music, occasionally a few known covers are incorporated with an original flare.

Set list is scalable to the audience.

-Jealous Type
-Island rocker
-It's You
-February Soft
-Bedroom Antix
-Ohh Well
-Going Green
-Sitting on Top of the World
-Jah Music
-Jah Mek Yah
-Heavens Door
-Strait Forward
-I Wonder
and more...

Sets may range from 15 minutes to 2 hours in length based on requirements of venue. Typically with 2 hours sets, a 20-30 min break is incorporated.