Spring Lake, North Carolina, USA
BandHip HopRock

This is like all the greats poured in one glass, definately a flavor thats unlike any other, guaranteed to linger go down smooth, and have u thirsty for more!


Representin' NC,Lyricist/producer Akwa began rhyming at age 11. Inspired by late 80s and early 90s hip-hop, he developed a very unorthodox style. Akwa's main influences were KRS-1,Rakim,Wu-tang, and Nas. Many other artist from the hip-hop genre along with artist from different genres helped mold Akwa into the man he is today. He started out just freestyling and creatin rhymes off da dome. It was only up until age 13 when Akwa begin to put them in writing. Thats when he realized he had wat it took to be a great Emcee..With the help of his older siblings, Akwa became very skilled at a young age.His older brothers were into to rhymin as well. That gave him the extra boost and allowed Akwa to catch on quicker than most. By 15 he got into producing instrumentals. It wasnt long before he realized that music was his gift to the world. Just about a year later,he enrolled in a Job Corps center in Memphis Tenn. This is where Akwa lerned to be more versatile. There he created the swagga and delivery that would take him to the next level. However the southern style of hip-hop complemented his voice and blended perfectly with his wiity, and brash rhyme flo. But at the end of the day Akwa is more of a poet than anything. This is what sets me apart from rappers today.


Preparing to drop the long awaited mixtape entitled " Prince of Tides" this summer!!!!!!!!