Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandHip HopReggae

Akwerius brings crucial lyrics blending hip hop poetry and reggae chanting over electro-acoustic melodies, dubbing it afro-roots-hop for the nu generation.


Afro Roots Hop was born on Chicago's South Side. The term was coined by Akwerius. His debut album Horizon as well as his long awaited experimental poetry project (Prelude to a Dawn) are both due for release in the coming season 2007-08. His first solo project Sonrise was independently released in 2002, and is still being discretely enjoyed by a few conscious heads in the know.

kwe has performed in various venues and campuses across the country including Belly Up (Aspen), Looptopia (Chicago), Second City (Chicago), The Note (Chicago), Lizard Lounge (Boston), the University of Chicago, and the Hyde Park Art Center. His music has received intermittent airplay on various radio and internet stations across the nation and the world.

Don't sleep, the Age of Akwerius dawns now!

:: Afro Roots Hop for the Nu Generation :: 2007



Written By: kwe


open your eyes
see the sun shine upon the horizon
don’t kill the light
your heart is a precious price
it shines upon the horizon

the temperature is on the rise feel it
the sun releasing energy so hot
it’s burning everything below the skies
the pupils in my eyes recording the whole display / man once made of flesh and bones is now turned to clay
all this to say that things are changing
stars and planets rearranging
along a new axis / a new order of things where fact is subject to fiction
and men re-enact the acts
that lead to christ’s crucifixion
a brotherhood of fishermen feeding on scorn
hatred and bickering
have been around since I was born
but now they taking over the skies
like a storm / open your eyes and realize
the evil taking form / like the military factions
the cemetery’s the only place where souls could ever gain satisfaction
living life on a downward course
like gravity’s attraction
we all subject to the force of the contraptions they using / losing grip on our institutions
when family and state become
big markets of illusion
it’s time to face our self-delusions
the world could never be a better place
until the people’s improving


we living in the shadows of the galaxy
hearts corroded by apathy
and minds locked with the fat chain of fallacy
where normality is anomaly
and morality a formality
to secure a good economy so
give me a reason
show me a vision
my eyes cannot see
past the last limit of the sea
a flatline like mankind’s destiny
what is me?
the seed that became a tree
the slave that became free
the i that became a we
but can we defy prophecy?
or is this heresy?
to me word is power
singing is therapy
so i can keep my eyes focused on horizon seen

we on the risin’
from the dark and the deep
open up dem eyes dem
it must start with the meek
dem realizin’
that we are but the sheep
headin for horizon



Horizon (maxi single)
Sonrise (2002)
Rude Awakening (2007)
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Radio Airplay

WHBK 88.5 Chicago (U of Chicago)
KZSU 90.1 Palo Alto (Stanford)
WMBR 88.1 Cambridge (MIT)

Call-in and request Akwerius music (Hit single 'Horizon')

Set List

Anytime from 5 minutes to 2 hours, solo performance or live ensemble (including musicians, dancers, multimedia artists and vocalists). Signature shows are generally accompanied by live percussion, dance, visual arts and multimedia. A typical deejay set includes 9-12 original compositions and lasts about 35 minutes.

Lion Rock Tour Setlist

1. Horizon
2. Good God
3. 400 Years
4. Education
5. Breathe
6. Wear & Tear
7. Creation
8. No More
9. Hey Yo
10. 1 Nation
11. Propaganda
12. Cook Da Porridge