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Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE | AFM

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo R&B Neo Soul




"Give people roses while they’re still here"

Herndon musician Al’Bei wants to give you a musical rose. His newly released musical EP, “Bullet Rose,” written and co-produced by him, is self described as “forward thinking.” We had this conversation over the phone:

I read the word “forward thinking,” can you tell me how your music project is forward thinking?

AL'BEI : Socially, I am an African American man, so I really want to talk about forward thinking as far as empowering people … So , my project is based around finding self confidence, finding self love, finding community love amongst each other. That is why, in the beginning of my project, I have clips of Martin Luther King, Lauryn Hill and Malcolm X, so it kind of give you a forward thinking and to go forward and not to go backward like how we have been reacting lately.

How did you incorporate their speeches into your music?

AL'BEI: So, the first portion of my project at the beginning, the reason why it’s important; it’s a mindset. You ever hear the term “Give people roses while they’re still here?” The reason that’s important to me and my community is because we don’t give enough roses to each other. And with using Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, and Nina Simone, they talk about different aspects of love amongst each other, and that was one of the reasons of how I incorporated that because I wanted to use something that was relatable from previous predecessors that paved the way for me, that said the same topics I’m talking about. So, it’s not something new, it’s just people kind of haven’t taken a chance to take a listen to what they’re saying deep behind the words.

So, you’re taking their words and making them into music

AL'BEI: Well, I only use a couple other speeches in my intro. Also, my music is self-made, self-produced, and all that good stuff.

So, do you write your songs?

AL'BEI: Yes, I write all my music. I also, produce all my music as well. I produce visuals along with that, which you can check out on YouTube:

Malcolm X is controversial, how do you see his love?

AL'BEI: A lot of people have different views on Malcolm X around certain things and though there have been certain publications that have really put in him in a different light around different things. But, one time that I did listen to him, was a portion in an interview that he did where he said “Who taught you to hate each other, who taught you to dislike the people that you’re from?” And that right there was where I saw the bigger picture around what was going on because, ultimately, his actions could have been something that was a little bit different. But, certain wordings that he used were also empowering people. Even though he was controversial, he still tried to find a way to find love within the community to build them up. And I referenced an awful lot of Martin Luther King, as well, because he often focused on love, and if you listen to both, they’re saying the same thing, just different aspects of it. - Fairfax County Times


I stumbled across the music blogger hashtag on Twitter, and I found a ton of tweets promoting singer, songwriter, and producer Al'Bei. As I got a little curious to see who this person was and why they're getting so much promotion, I just had to broaden my horizon and listen to some material. Al'Bei is known for bringing the soulful touch to hip hop sounds and that is probably what persuaded me to really dig his music.

Al'Bei has recently released his fresh EP titled "Bullet Rose" after unleashing his single "Drunk", which I really wish was longer, from 2015. The short play begins with an intriguing creative intro that barley anyone has these days (bonus points). It's an Al'Bei thing to include these powerful male voices in the background that makes the track deviant in a beneficial way, it is evident in "Waiting" and "The Rose Intro". This guy's voice is super complex that goes from a deep to a light tone all in one song.

Al'Bei has a message in his music and taking on roses as a trademark really puts an emphasis on whatever type of message he wants to put into his music. Personally, I have just became a major fan of Al'Bei's and I am indeed waiting to hear more from this artist. - AXL+RAILROAD


Originally from New Haven, CT but now resides in Washington, DC. AL'BEI is a singer, songwriter, producer and creative director of his own entertainment company. Recently making an appearance on Fox5news during an "Empire" audition for a role on the hit TV show. Al’Bei has previously released a mixtape Underrated 1.0 and a buzz single “Diamonds” via ITunes. He took a couple years off to focus on family and grow as an artist. Now he is back and ready to release his best work yet. -

"Opening Act"

Newest tune for your #RnB playlist. @_ALBEi is about to be your next obsession. #WixMusic -

"Artist Feature"

Originally from New Haven, CT, but now residing in Washington, D.C., Al’Bei is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He recently appeared on Fox5 News during an “Empire” audition and previously was a contestant shows like Making The Band and American Idol. He released a mix-tape, Underrated 1.0, in 2010 and a buzz single Al%27bei Roses“Diamonds”, which was distributed on all streaming outlets in 2012. He took two years off to focused on his growth as an artist. He released a buzz single and video called “Drunk” in early 2015. He is now back with his new conceptual album (EP) ‘Bullet Rose’; fluent blend of eclectic hip-hop and soulful melodic vocals.

Q. How would you describe AL’Bei the artist?
A. Very humble, but confident artist. Not afraid to push the shock factor in my music. Expect the unexpected.

Q. You’ve tried out for shows like Making The Band, American Idol, and Empire; what did you take away or learn from those experiences?
A. I met a lot of great artists and singers from each of those experiences, but the biggest thing I learned as a take away is to always be ready and be prepared to show your talent no matter when or where because you never know who is watching you or who you might meet. Even if you get a “No” still enjoy the experience because it’s all to make you stronger for your next step in your career.

Q. A lot of your music responds to some of today’s social issues, do you think it’s important for artists to use their voice to combat such issues?
A. I do. I think as artists, major or indie, we have a gift to take listeners out of their current reality. We can make our listeners and followers think. We need more thinkers, we need more confident people in this world to showcase their abilities. I write music and record with a agenda in mind because I want my music to have meaning.

Q. You have a new EP, “Rose Bullet”, explain the title and what can listeners expect to hear?
A. Well the title ‘Bullet Rose’ came according to my life. The Rose represents the R&B side and The Bullet represents the Hip-Hop side. Each song tells a story of struggles we go through, but you have to remember your focus of what you have to do to achieve your dream. You can expect more music because it’s a introduction album to a trilogy project.

Q. To what artists would you accredit your influences?
A. I would have to say I followed the greats like Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, and Usher; but I love cyphers and artists like Common, J.Cole, and the diverse sounds of Timbaland. I have a very eclectic ear.

Q. If you could collab with any artist who would you want to work with?
A. I would have to say Jhené Aiko or Jay Z, that would be amazing. I would love to work with Queen B one day too I might pass out from excitement, she is a beast. - 937Mag


Artist Spotlight : Al'Bei - Bullet Rose -


Still working on that hot first release.



Professionally known as AL’BEI. To say this complex but seasoned artist is just another R&B; singer is a true understatement. Like the symbolic roses he uses as a trademark, This DMV based singer/songwriter has layers.

AL’BEI ‘s sound doesn’t quite fit your contemporary R&B; genre, nor is it entirely Neo-Soul or even Hip Hop. Instead, his music mixes the buttery grooves together creating a compelling blend of all three genres into to something new and refreshing. Making his music diverse and complex. Forward-thinking productions by the likes of LoveBlanch and AP Anonymous. AL’BEI’s ability to tackle dynamic instrumentals with his melodic vocals and freestyle singing is quite astounding. He finds his place in the song and rides it out in a different way. Suddenly your head is bobbin to his soulful vocals unknowingly. “BulletRose’ was officially released on May 23 2016.

He uses his social media platform to be humorous and tactful on addressing social injustice issues most musicians avoid. Having the mental and social acuity of someone far beyond his years. Like his music video “Drunk” released Dec 7 2014. He is not afraid to push the envelope in his visuals as well generating over 6,000 views on Youtube.

The path that AL’BEI is on is promising one thus far. Releasing projects completely independently, receiving the support from Wix Music, 937 Magazine, and AXL and Railroads as an artist to watch

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