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Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | INDIE

Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2000
Band Alternative World




"Balkan Fever"

The concentrated energy of the two saxophones blows away all cultural barriers - Richard Schuberth


With two saxophones Al Jawala generates the fire of a whole gypsy brass band - Janeck Altshuler / La Bolschevita


Wonderful horn section, ethereal voices, the full range! - Intro

"Pure Euphoria!"

Pure Euphoria! - Oberhessische Presse

"Lost in Manele"

„Äl Jawala pleasantly stand out from the Balkan-dance-hype.“ - Stefan Franzen, Zeitung zum Sonntag

"Live at Jazzhaus"

„An absolutely emotive band that surely will get any crowd going“ - Drums and Percussion

"Äl Jawala"

„...And with their adventurous approach they share out extremely danceable music, which finds its audience as well at Balkan-DJ Shantel´ s Bucovina Club in Frankfurt, as in Bucharest, since long ago Äl Jawala already has conquered a devoted fan base also in Romania. - Folker!

"Review Live At Jazzhaus"

„Challenging, fiery, fascinating, cosmopolitan, technically exiting but still bluntly accessible“ - Drums and Percussion


„(Äl Jawala) amaze with dirty, straight forward Gypsy- and Klezmer-Grooves and 100% biological beats, which still feature Drum´n´Bass - and Ragga – effects. No wonder, they are a popular party-live-act. Dominating styles are Oros, Coceks and Zeybeks from South Serbia to Turkey. The combined power of the saxophones blows away any cultural border.“ - Concerto Musikmagazin, Richard Schuberth

"Live at Jazzhaus 2"

„A real live band focused on getting to the point. From time to time the Balkan steps back in favour of an oriental-, blues-, jazz- or soul-feeling.
The urban beat-quality succeeds even without computer. A delightful album!“
- Folker!

"Creole Award for Worldmusic 2007"

“A small band with a powerful sound and great stage confidence. The rhythm section is folky at times and funky at others. The frontline proves that a horn section is no longer a men’ s world. And we really admire the way they express themselves so freely in their music.“ - Jury


„The quintet from Freiburg unrespectfully blends anything that pleases them, and hereby creates a distinctive new sound, which fascinated not only the jury but also the audience in Dortmund. - Folker!

"Äl Jawala 2"

„It absolutely is Worldmusic, but it’s too independent to come across as fashionable.“ - Landbote, Winterthur



Al Jawala started in summer 2000 as a busking band in South Germany. They hand-made their own CDs and sold them during their streets gigs in Germany, France and Switzerland. Balkan Big Beat Nights they called their concert- and party series, they created 2002 in Freiburg. Their sound was raw - a double duo - two Percussionists and two Saxophones. In 2004 Bassist Daniel Verdier from Marseille completed the band. 

Soon Al Jawala shared stages with Shantel, Emir Kusturica and other pioneers of the Balkan-Beat movement. Since that time the quintet Al Jawala (Arab. the travellers) achieved a great reputation all over Europe as an awesome live band. Oriental Gypsy brass mixed with urban club-culture and shared it out to the audience with electrifying energy! 

Al Jawala is a musical culture shock! A listener in Bucharest described their music as "German Quality, Balkan Soul"

Al Jawala are:
Steffi Schimmer - Alto Saxophone
Krischan Lukanow - Tenor Saxophone
Markus Schumacher - Percussion // Synths
Daniel Pellegrini - Drums // Didgeridoo
Daniel Verdier - Bass // Guitar

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