Freiburg, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, DEU

Shaking up the style of Balkans Beats and traditional brass bands, this group from South Germany provides contemporary Eastern music renewed by various blends and urban influences: abundant brassy beats, a strong dose of electro-rock, hints of ska and reggae, a zest of dub and touches of cumbia and soul.
Al Jawala are filling the dancefloors and thereby keep a rich diversity and great musical depth!


Al Jawala started in summer 2000 as a busking band in South Germany. They hand-made their own CDs and sold them during their streets gigs in Germany, France and Switzerland. Balkan Big Beat Nights they called their concert- and party series, they created 2002 in Freiburg. Their sound was raw - a double duo - two Percussionists and two Saxophones. In 2004 Bassist Daniel Verdier from Marseille completed the band. 

Soon Al Jawala shared stages with Shantel, Emir Kusturica and other pioneers of the Balkan-Beat movement. Since that time the quintet Al Jawala (Arab. the travellers) achieved a great reputation all over Europe as an awesome live band. Oriental Gypsy brass mixed with urban club-culture and shared it out to the audience with electrifying energy! 

Al Jawala is a musical culture shock! A listener in Bucharest described their music as "German Quality, Balkan Soul"

Al Jawala are:
Steffi Schimmer - Alto Saxophone
Krischan Lukanow - Tenor Saxophone
Markus Schumacher - Percussion // Synths
Daniel Pellegrini - Drums // Didgeridoo
Daniel Verdier - Bass // Guitar


Set List

This is the setlist we play if we are free to do what we like.
Main Set: 90 min
Whole show including encores: 110 min

Taratata (walking set intro)
Talibanski Dub
Unzer Toirele
Step Into Jungle
Cigani Salsa
Narodna International
Aire Du Jawala
Balkan U
Fast & Furious
Blast Your Ghetto (walking set outro)
Druzhno Kaifuj
Better Go Run
Heymischer Bulgar
(Mome Kalino)