Alabama Blacksnake

Alabama Blacksnake


If you like great rock influenced by Murder City Devils, Iggy and the Stooges, Guns N Roses, early Rolling Stones check us out. We're in your face Rock. We kill shit live, so bring your earplugs.


The world of rock and roll has been in peril since the turn of the century. Under constant attack by nu metal nerds, emo crybabies, and hipster queers for the past ten years, the rock world is crumbling under the weight of thousands and thousands of shitty bands. All of these bands have been nothing more than false prophets, claiming to be the "Saviors Of Rock", and delivering nothing more than a sad magic show. Smoke and mirrors to appease the masses while they wait in vain for their true salvation.
Born in the late summer of 2002, Alabama Blacksnake is a six-piece rock and roll band hailing from the mighty city of New York. The Blacksnakes have been carving a path of destruction through the East Village and Lower East Side of Manhattan - nearly unchallenged by the weak bands that currently claim the territory. Following in the footsteps of their forefathers, Alabama Blacksnake melds the sounds of Guns and Roses, Iggy and the Stooges, Murder City Devils, and a little James Brown to bring a sound to the eardrums of the masses that they have never quite heard before. Coupled with the whiskey fueled energy of a Brahma bull and enough libido to fulfill a limo full of coked up hookers the Alabama Blacksnake put on a live show like nobody else. "We are not out to save the rock world.", guitarist MickMan, "We are here to destroy it."
Their debut EP, "Weapons Of Ass Destruction", is a small taste of the danger these boys are able to unleash at a moments notice. The album has been outlawed in many small countries out of fear of uprising in the streets. There have been stories out of South America of teens becoming pregnant after simply listening to the CD. What fiendish terror have these six young men unleashed onto our civilization? The world is about to find out...


Weapon Of Ass Destruction

Written By: Chriss Piss

Your gonna tremble with fear
Cause im the weapon of ass destruction
And your end is near

I stand tall and erect
You wont see me coming
But you’ll feel me
You’ll feel me drip down your neck


Written By: Chriss Piss

I wanna see some booties shakin tonight
So get your ass on the floor and do it right – I said…
I wanna see some ladies loving tonight
So lets get this party started
And lets keep it tight

I wanna shake shake shake it tonight - alright
Come on and shake shake shake it tonight
I wanna shake shake shake it – come on
I said shake shake shake it

This is our night,
So lets get it on
We’re gonna hop on the L Train
And we’ll dance till dawn

This is our city
So lets get it on
We’ll be makin love
Till the early morn’


Alabama Blacksnake "Weapons of Ass Destruction"
Out now. Our friend Indy put this out for us. He started a label called GUN POINT EVENT. Also visit our song on

Set List

Set lists vary. We play around 9 to 11 songs at shows.