Alabama Limo

Alabama Limo

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Trail-blazing Atlanta rock band drawing on the roots of blues, country, delving into R&B. These fellas write songs about murder & gun fights, love, and the lack of it in the world. Every show seems different, b/c that's how fresh the sound is.


...Alabama Limo is a band raised on the bone and gristle of Southern roots music.
A sextet composed of travelers of both time and space, it is the raw honesty
of the Limo that keeps them grounded in the present and explorative of the past and future.
Formed in late 2008 by frontman Lucas Todd, Limo quickly found its own voice; a unique voice which, above all, is genuinely concerned with maintaining its integrity and entertaining its audience. Todd's blues-soaked rhymes and silkily serpentine voice produces a vibe that’s “catchy enough for the average listener and complex enough to keep people on the edge of their seats.” Soon, drummer Terry Bigelow was added to the roster, creating an undeniably danceable groove complete with diverse polyrhythms and a disciplined sensibility.
For over two years, the Atlanta music scene witnessed the improvised romps and meticulously-structured tunes that have become the Alabama Limo show experience – an experience of raucousness and unpredictability leaving fans eager for more. Enthusiasm for the band at the time led it to be prominently featured in the online magazine, The Silver Tongue.
Never a band content with stagnancy, a new line-up was formed in 2011, this time featuring Nicholas William Harn on bass, Jamey Sasser and Deckard Croix on guitars, Dominique Barfield on keyboards, and founding members Todd and Bigelow. The funky experimentation of Harn’s basswork and Barfield’s minimalist melodicism combined with guitarists, Sasser and Croix’s classic and post-rock tendencies, creates a unique mix of smoothing familiarity with a caustic eclecticism of sound.
AL is a true DIY band. They have played everywhere in Atlanta from the Red Light Café and Smith’s Olde Bar to 10 High and Vinyl and, in addition, receive air play on several online radio stations including Atlanta’s own Album 88.
These boys are pushing AL safely into the next chapter of their musical journey. Alabama Limo is becoming an undeniable presence on the local scene and setting the stage for even wider attention.

Lucas Todd: Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Jamey Sasser: Rhythm/Lead Guitar & Backing vocals
Deckard Croix: Rhythm/Lead Guitar & Backing vocals
Tony Santana: Keyboards
Taylor Johnson: Bass
Terry Bigelow: Drums & Percussion

Contact: for booking & interviews
Lucas ph: (404)668-2525


Arrested Karma

Written By: Lucas DiMatteo

You take anything that you want
And I'll take everything that is broken apart
An ocean of love is a shallow pond
when what is left is a misplaced heart

They arrested karma, it was last night
Took her down, she was hand-cuffed forgetting about her rights
Well I'm the night watchman
I've seen it all before, say my young son what're doin' at my door?

Looking for the Ghost of Robert Johnson
Looking for the Devil & the Deal they made
You probably won't listen, nor adhere to my advice
But bury your bones somewhere outside of your mind

You take anything that you want
And I'll take everything that is broken apart
An ocean of love is a shallow pond
when what is left is my misplaced heart


Self-Titled Debut on iTunes now

Set List

Alabama Limo does the occasional cover, always with appreciation to the original, but with the Alabama Limo stamp on it. You can hear them do "One" by U2, "Drive" by the Cars, "Honky-Tonk Women" by The Rolling Stones among others.
Their original set consists of:
1. Pistol-(A rock song with rich harmonies)
2.Arrested Karma (Pop verses meet rock choruses in this lively original)
3. Crime & Fortune (An anti-war anthem that rocks!)
4. After-life (This rock song is a bit heavier, the guitar solo is intense!)
5. One of These Days (This one is more R&B than rock? Nah, but it definitely grooves)
6. Good Morning Broken Heart (Bassist Jason takes over on vocals on this Alt-country rocker, that'll get you moving, written by his former band-mate Ed Hoffman)
7. There Will Be A Judge (An edgy rocker seems to be the ladies' favorite)
8. Island (This pop-rock gem has lush harmonies, and the bass line sticks to your gut)
9. The Gunmen (In this straight ahead rocker a famous gunslinger is