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Alain Nkossi Konda

Grönenbach, Bavaria, Germany | INDIE | AFTRA

Grönenbach, Bavaria, Germany | INDIE | AFTRA
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"Tri-cultural pop pops up new stars!"

A New wave of African music has hit the music scene. Introducing the style now referred to as Tri-cultural-Pop is Congolese musician Nkossi Konda.

Mr. Konda says the style incorporates both reggae, Congolese rumba, Soul and Funk. The style had previously been experimented with by World famous musician Papa Wemba of Viva La Musica whose songs have been incorporating a little bit of Rock, Funk & Salsa. Apart from his home Country, Nkossi has been performing in the New York night spots where he switches from Lingala to English and back again effortlessly. Nkossi went with his Diplomat father who was then working for the United Nations Development Program in the US at a tender age. Nkossi says: "...My father was a member of the Salvation Army church choir where they sung songs in harmony... I have been singing for as long as I can remember." His younger brother "Sir" Francis later became the lead singer of "Indaba" a US based group.

"My first song: "You make me feel" was a typical pop song with inspired by the likes of the late Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Papa Wemba among other influences." He says. Deeply rooted in the African style of music, he rates Zaiko Langa Langa as a most inspiring group among upcoming artistes. "They always seem to come up with something and to crown it all, many Stars have been members of the group at one point or another." He adds. Past releases Adiyoyoyo Mona Lisa, Overall impression: Omelysa and Pretty Mama are among songs that are well defined with percussion, Saxophones and sweet melodies. Congolese guitar elements are evident in some of the numbers complete with Nkossi's multiple vocals and soulful responses reminiscent of South Africa's Black Mambazo. Another notable hit is the track Tambula malembe (which means Proceed with caution) from his new Album "Vision of Africa-pella" soon to be released.
Nkossi which means "Lion" in Kikongo formed his group "Peace of Mind" in New York as a studio project in order to experiment with new sounds- a fusion between Afro beat and Western pop music. The Studio band is comprised of seasoned "World" musicians who hold the Spirit of music as their Universal common language. - By Peter Ingolo

"The lion's roar"

AfricaSounds recently had the pleasure of encountering Nkossi Konda at the bi-weekly "New Africa Tuesdays" fete, which takes place at the Greenwich Village Lion's Den. Nkossi, who is an original in the truest musical sense, tore up the club with his unique style of music which he refers to as "Tri-Cultural Pop." Regardless of what it may be called, there was something completely unique about Nkossi's spicy mix of Funk, Congolese Rumba, Soul, Reggae and Pop.

As AfricaSounds specializes in music from Central Africa, particularly Congolese Rumba and all its offshoots (Soukous, N'dombolo and countless other dance styles), it was exciting and refreshing to encounter such a new sound in the Diaspora with one foot strongly rooted in the Congo. By both speaking to Nkossi, and referring to his website ( we were able to get some insight into his history. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (previously Zaire), Nkossi had been living in the US for roughly 26 years. Consistently performing at various New York nightclubs and jazz spots, including Nell's and Zinc Bar, Making quite a name for himself in the Big Apple.
- Africa Sounds by Charles Fuller

"The Beat Box Hotplate"

Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler, "Saturday" (Ibadan Recordings Album). Produced by J. Sydenham, Chandler and Dennis Ferrer, "Saturday" is a fine study in Chicago-rooted house music crossed with the vibrant rhythms of Africa. Guests on the set include Congolese vocalist Alain Nkossi Konda and fellow countryman guitarist Dominique Kanza ("KoKo"); Antibalas ("Aro"); flutist Talib Kibwe ("Espiritu du Tempo"), and Nina Simone ("See line Woman").
- Billboard Magazine

"Innocent Angels"

After the terrible catastrophe of Sept. 11 in the United States, many of us tried to phone or contact by e-mail, parents, friends and acquaintances in order to find out how they were and that we were all thinking of them. We were able to also get some news from Afro-pop Artist Alain Nkossi Konda and his band who art Jonction had the pleasure of meeting during one of his great performances at Zinc bar located on 90 West Houston & La Guardia (www, Alain has written a very moving ballad in memory of all the fallen Heroes of this horrible attack. You can discover and audition this song by cliking on: a very moving antidote full of heart to the horrible carnage at the Twin towers on this site.

- Art Jonction

"A Star in the making"

The music on Alain Nkossi Konda's AFRICA-PELLA (limited Edition) may be mostly African rooted, but make no mistake: Nkossi is a maker of true international music.

He was born in the DR of Congo (Ex Zaire) but went to the USA as achild with his Diplomat father who often sung with the Salvation Army Choirs. Nearly 30 years later he is a world citizen singing fwith great fluency in English, French, and Lingala (the most popular language of the Congo).

Mr. Konda calls his music 'Tri-cultural pop": american funk and pop with reggae and soukous (the driving dance music of Congo) mixed in.

Actually, if you listen to AFRICA-PELLA several times, you will also hear many other influences such as soul, rhythm and blues, ballads, and more.

Many listeners will be reminded of the songwriting style of the late Bob Marley as well as Jimmy Cliff and so many African lyricists: Idealism miexd with the traditional ideas of loyalty to home and family.

If "World music" ever gets a good TV network like country music has, Alain Nkossi Konda will be a big star.

Purchase: - WorldDiscoveries.Net by Editor Diane C. Donovan


Frenetica e ricca di risultati e novità l'attività dell'eclettico artista della Repubblica Democratica del Congo, stella nascente dell'afro pop.

Dopo la vittoria degli Honorable Mention Award al 2004 U.S.A. Songwriting Contest con la canzone "Bolingo" ( e l'arrivo tra i finalisti al 2004 U.K. Songwriting Contest con la nuova canzone "Your anything" (, Nkossi Konda corona il 2004 con un accordo editoriale per il mondo con Warner Chappell Germany.

Primo frutto dell'accordo una riedizione dell'album "Africa-pella" con nuove versioni dei brani esistenti e sette tracce inedite. Il CD si intitolerà "Visions of Africa-pella" in uscita a primavera.

Il 2005, intanto, inizierà con la pubblicazione nella compilation tributo ai Ramones "All good cretins go to heaven" (distribuzione Cargo Germania, Austria, Svizzera) contenente la cover di "I want to be your boyfriend" prodotta ed interpretata da Nkossi Konda e con la produzione e l'esecuzione (alla cerimonia ufficiale di apertura del 16 febbraio) della canzone ufficiale della 2005 World Nordic Championships che si terrà a Obersdorf in Germania.


"Nkossi's collaboration mit JASMON a.k.a LEMONGRASS"

"Afrida" ist wiederum eine ganz eigene Geschichte: Der unwiderstehliche Beat schultert eine minimalistische Melodie und schlendert mit ihr durch einen grandiosen Spätsommer , ohne sich dabei auf einen bestimmten Strand festzulegen: Kapstadt, Ibiza, Portugal oder Thailand? Der (Fantasie-)Titel war zuerst da, aber als Guest-Vocalist Alain Nkossi Konda das Stück erstmals hörte, dachte er sofort an "African Freedom", und selbst der Erfinder des Stücks zeigte sich überrascht und begeistert vom Einfall des gebürtigen Kongolesen. Geheime Seelenverwandtschaft über 7000 Kilometer Entfernung? Alain Nkossi Konda hat uns jedenfalls gezeigt, dass man sein Afrika überall mitnehmen kann, vielleicht sogar muss. Er, der vor einigen Jahren von Harry Belafonte entdeckt und für dessen eigenes Label gesignt wurde, hat gleich noch einem Jasmon-Stück den stimmlichen Stempel aufgedrückt: "Looming Large" beginnt lasziv-sehnsüchtig wie ein Tango, ist aber mit schnelleren Rhythmen und Breaks durchsetzt. Und plötzlich ertönt eine kraftvolle Stimme, die in einer Strophe drei Kontinente verbindet...

****afro-Latin-oriental lounge

Von dem Sänger Alain Nkossi Konda Der auf zwei Stücken ("Looming Large" und "Afrida") rappt, singt und chattet, wird man sicher noch einiges hören. Von Jasmon erst recht. Ein Muss für Fans von Buddha Bar bis Erotic Lounge:-)


"Lieder jenseits aller Grenzen"

Der Wahl-Rauhenzeller Alain Nkossi Konda feiert mit seinem Afropop internationale Erfolge

Von Riccarda Gschwend

Über 250 Lieder hat Alain Nkossi Konda im Laufe seines Lebens schon komponiert, und stetig kommen neue Stücke hinzu. Bemerkenswert dabei ist, dass zahlreiche seiner Songs bereits bei internationalen Wettbewerben gewonnen haben. So sahnte Konda jüngst einen Preis beim „UK Songwriting Contest“ ab, gewann im Jahr zuvor mit seinem weihnachtlichen Stück „Bells ringing everywhere“ den „Nashville Christmas Songwriting Competition“ und wurde beim „John Lennon Songwriting Contest“ gleich für zwei Lieder ausgezeichnet. Die Liste seiner Erfolge ließe sich noch schier endlos fortsetzen.
Der kreative Musiker, der ursprünglich aus der Demokratischen Republik Kongo stammt und viele Jahre in New York gelebt hat, hat sich mittlerweile in Rauhenzell bei Immenstadt niedergelassen und sich auch hierzulande einen Namen gemacht. Er habe schon mit den besten und vielseitigsten Allgäuer Musikern zusammengearbeitet, erzählt Konda, der sich als Autodidakt bezeichnet und schon als kleines Kind immer gesungen habe.
Heute produziert der Künstler, was er selbst „Afropop“ nennt – eine Mischung aus Pop, Funk und Reggae. In seiner Musik verbindet er sein musikalisches Erbe aus Afrika mit neuen Trends aus der aktuellen Musikszene. Allerdings betont der produktive Sänger und Songschreiber, dass er im Grunde in jedem Genre zu Hause sei: „Ein guter Song ist ein guter Song, seine Stilrichtung spielt keine Rolle“. Er sträubt sich vehement dagegen, in eine Schublade gesteckt zu werden. Für ihn steht die Liebe zur Musik im Vordergrund, er will mit seinen Songs die Menschen bewegen und Ideen und Gefühle vermitteln. In welche Kategorie man seine auf Englisch, Französisch und Lingala gesungenen Stücke letztlich einordnet, ist für ihn nebensächlich.
Für die Zukunft plant der Vollblutmusiker, mit einigen seiner New Yorker Kollegen aufzutreten und natürlich weiterhin eigene Songs zu schreiben. Ein Leben ohne Musik ist für ihn unvorstellbar.
Am Samstag spielt Alain Nkossi Konda zusammen mit dem international bekannten Gitaristen Jeff Aug in der Sonthofer Kulturwerkstatt. Auf die Frage, was sein Publikum erwarten darf, antwortet er: „Es wird ein sehr intimes Konzert. Wir werden einige Coverversionen spielen, vor allem aber Songs aus meinem eigenen Repertoire“ – So werden die Künstler ihre Zuhörer mit Akustikversionen von Klassikern wie „No woman, no cry“
verzaubern, aber auch in die persönliche musikalische Welt des Alain Nkossi Konda entführen. - Allgäuer-Anzeigeblatt

"Subtile Verbindung"


Alain Nkossi Konda hat auch vielen großen Bühnen gestanden. Besonders aber schätzt er die Auftritt in kleinen Clubs Die Leute seien intimen Rahmen findet der aus dem Kongo stammende Künstler in der Kulturwerkstatt Sonthofen. Dort steht Konda zum zweiten Mal auf der Bühne, zum ersten Mal begleitet ihn dabei der Gitarrist Werner K. aus Kempten reduziert auf das Wesentliche - die Stimme und zwei akustische Gitarren - kann Konda ganz und gar seine Singer/ Songwriter - Qualitäten ausleben. Gefesselt lauschen die Besucher dem meist frölichen Afro-Pop.
Das lebensfrohe Gitarrenspiel von Konda weckt unweigerlich Erinnerungen an das legendäre Album "Graceland" von Paul Simon.
Konda lebte -wie Simon - Lange Zeit in der Metropole New York. Wie bei Graceland verschmelzen in Kondas Musik zeitgemäße Kompositionen mit den traditionellen afrikanischen Elementen. Die Musik versprüht diesen locker entspannten un doch rastlosen Geist des schwarzen Kontinents. Die dunkle, soulige Stimme des sanften Barden, das dezente Saitenspiel und seine unaufdringliche Bühnenpräsenz nehmen das publikum von Anfang an gefangen.

In der Kulturwerkstatt schöpft Konda aus einem reichhaltigen Fondus un gräbt auch seine älteren Songs aus. Dazu gesellen sich - unmerklich fast - Stücke von Bob Marley. Ebenso reibungslos schaltet Konda von seiner Muttersprache Lingala zu Französisch und Englisch. Sogar mehrmals innerhalb eines Songs. Wie bei "Unconditional love" dem Siegertitel des "John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2002". Obwohl Konda und Werner K dieses Stück auf dem Resonanzkörper seiner Gitarre trommelnd. So ein Akustik-Konzert kommt völlig ohne den Ballast von wuchtigen Drums und Bässen oder flächigen Keyboards aus. Hier zählen nur Gitarre und Stimme.


Als Konda vor zwei Jahren on New York nach Rauhenzell zog, freundete er sich bald mit versierten Musikern der heimischen Musikszene an: Pit Gogl, Marcus Kerber oder Jeff Aug. Der Kemptener Werner K. ist beim Sonthofer Konzert kurzfristig für Jeff Aug eingesprungen. So blieb nicht viel Zeit, um ausreichend Stücke einzustudieren. Vor den Zugaben ist das programm bereits erschöpft, doch das publikum will mehr. Da spielt es keine Rolle, wenn das Duo einige Songs noch einmal vorträgt Durch Kopfwippen während der Stücke und kräftigen Applaus an Ende tut das Publikum seine Zustimmung kund. Kondas optisches Markenzeichen - seine Dreadlocks bleiben während des Gigs jedoch unter einer Schirmkappe verborgen.

Siene afrikanischen Wurzeln will Konda nicht neu erfinden, sondern verpasst ihnen eine Frischzellenkur mit Soul, jazz und Reggae. Durch diese Fusion schafft er etwas ganz Eigenes. Wie Paul Simon überschreitet Konda mit seiner Musik kulturelle Grenzen und verbindet so auf subtile Weise. Er singt in vielen Sprachen, die man überall versteht - sei es in Afrika, Amerika Oder Europa - die Musik. - Oberallgäu -Kultur Von Christian Gögler



1st Single: title "Bolingo" feat on the BRAZEN Original Soundtrack released on SONY/ Epic in 1994, Produced by Grammy Winning Producer Gordon Williams.

Featured on a track titled KOKO from the album "Saturday" by Deep House Pioneer Kerri Chandler & Jerome Syndenham (Ibadan Records) 1996.

Featured + Co-wrote on 2 titles: “Afrida” & “Unclear Reasons” from the album "Gentle Flower" by artist JASMON a.k.a LEMONGRASS.

Production & composition of a sports anthem track titled: "Overtime" for the ADIDAS Official Website which was featured during the 2006 WorldCup Soccer Tournament in Germany.

Featured as guitarist on a track titled "Dance like an African" on the last album LOUNATIC by Lou Bega a.k.a Mr. Mambo #5.

Featured on RAMONES Tribute compilation "All good Cretins go to heaven" ( with a cover version of "I want to be your boyfriend".


"Adiyoyoyo" Mona Lisa released in 1998 on Tabilulu Records & Freedomzone.

"Africa-pella" released in 2002 distributed by Zomba in Europe and for the United States by Cdbaby (

"Nostalgia 3C1S1V" (Limited Edition)

An exclusive BEYERDYNAMIC 6 song EP titled "Breeze Session" is available for FREE from the company by request for promotional purposes in support of Mr. Konda by one of his main sponsors. Get yours available through

"Visions of Africa-pella" available from Culture Taxi Records ( ) & in France through Mosaic Music Distribution (

New album titled "Fololo Fire" which was produced jointly with the Orlando, Florida-based Goin’ Native Records will be released in 2011 followed by a North American, Canadien & European Tour.

Digital Release is being handled for the above mentioned album by ONE MEDIA PUBLISHING along with some previously unreleased songs from Nkossi catalogue.

The pre-production of a follow up album titled "Mighty Congo River" (2012 release) is available for audition.

Afrosphere 10 album series available worldwide for digital purchase on Itunes & other providers distributed by IODA. (


Pre-production and arrangement of the official 2005 World Nordic Championship Song titled "Live Your Dream" at SAMPLES & MORE Studios in Rottach.

Production of Bob Marley Tribute record titled "A Timeless Vibrations" featuring various artists performing Mr. Marley's classic hits in many different genres including Roots Reggae, Pop, Swing, Zouk, R&B/ Hip Hop, and Folk Ballad… The project is featured among the 10 albums from “Afrosphere series” and it can be auditioned on Itunes.

Executive producer and concept for:
"The Diaspora for Africa": Vol1, Vol2 & Vol3 Benefit Compilation album series for the FIGHT AGAINST GLOBAL MALNUTRITION.The compilation albums feature tracks donated by various artists from the African Diaspora & their Western counterparts.

Upcoming: Production & composition of the "Official" song for the Minister of Sports to be showcased at the Congolese games in the DR of Congo in July.

Alain recorded the vocals for the 5 songs featured on this EPK with the Beyerdynamic MC840 / for live concerts he uses a personalised M(y)88 microphone Exclusively designed for him.




Alain Nkossi Konda is a very gifted Multiple Award winning singer/songwriter originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. At a tender age he went to the U.S.A with his father who was then working as a diplomat for the United Nations Development Program. Says Nkossi, "My father was a member of the Salvation Army church choir in his youth where they sang songs in harmony. Both of my parents enjoyed singing and have very good voices..., my brother and sisters and I have been singing for as long as I can remember.

During the nearly 30 years he spent in the urban jungle of New York, Nkossi earned a reputation as a hard working musician/producer within the NYC Afro Pop community. He is a respected innovator who effortlessly combines his African musical heritage with his new American homeland, creating what he calls Culture Pop which is a combination of Funk, Soukous and Reggae with Pop hooks, sung in French, English and Lingala.

His first album, Adiyoyo Mona Lisa was released in 1998. In 1999, Nkossi became the first artist to be signed by Harry Belafonte for his new label Niger Records/Palm Pictures in collaboration with Island Records founder Chris Blackwell.

During the spring of 2001, Nkossi and his associate Jim Savitt set up their own production company, Afrikool. Their objective was to provide the necessary tools facilitate cultural exchange between African artists and their American counterparts.

As the creator of the Diaspora 4 Africa Benefit Series Nkossi was recognized and nominated by to receive a Silver Medal by the French Academic Society for Arts, Sciences & Letters for high services rendered towards the promotion ofAfrican Arts & Culture, he accepted his award along with 200 Laureats from around the world in May 2009 during their annual ceremony at The place Dauphine in Paris.

Nkossi is aware of the power of music, and his desire to communicate through it transcends borders. He belongs to a group of artists who understand that music is a wonderful way to convey ideas, feelings and passions. Music overwhelms him, devours him to the point where he manages to dominate it and shape it in such a way that we perceive it as a universal language.

This is a language that he likes to share and which he transcends during his live performances. During his stage acts you are immersed into his musical world and cannot help but be carried away by his innovative style. iIt lifts and stirs you up.

Nkossi is a committed Activist & Goodwill Ambassador for the Munich, Germany-based Water Foundation of which the Honorable Dalai Lama is a Patron

Nkossi's first authentic World music "Fololo fire" which will be released by Skip Records GmbH during the course of 2010. The album is a joint venture production between Afrikool & the Orlando/Florida-based Goin' Native label. The following 5 tracks which are featured on "Fololo", "Muana muke", "Kaka yo", "Can't complain" & "Already yours" are presently being re-mixed in Los Angeles by Musical Director, producer/composer & engineer Bill Brendl from the band Sambaguru.

Nkossi has won many international songwriting Awards in the "World Music" category:

2001: Finalist in the U.S.A. Songwriting Contest with the song Tambula malembe

2002: Both first and second prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest with songs respectively titled Unconditional Love and Story Tellers.

2003: Semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition with his song Foot of the Hill; Winner in the Nashville Christmas Song competition with his original track Bells Ringing.

2004: Finalist in the U.K. Songwriting Competition with a new composition titled Your Anything; Honorable Mention for U.S.A Songwriting Competition with another title Bolingo; Honorable Mention for the International Songwriting Competition with a new title Moment of Truth which was the second 1st runner-up during the selection proces