Alain Nu - Mind Zone

Alain Nu - Mind Zone



Alain Nu - Mind Zone

Alain Nu is the current star of TLC's TV series “The Mysterious World of Alain Nu.“ Now, you can bring him to your campus!

His show is like having the impossible explained right in front of you. It’s mentalism, magic, mind over matter, and more! Spoons bend and twist like snakes! An empty Coke can impossibly refills in front of your eyes . . . and then he pours it into the glass you are holding. He doesn’t just read your mind . . . he has you read someone else’s!

Alain Nu has a style that is all his own. He's high energy; dynamic, multi-ethnic, and original. Technical requirements are minimal, promo is superb, and Alain is incredibly pleasant to work with. Flat out -- this is the most entertaining show you'll ever WONDER about! People will be talking about it long after the show ends.


Industry Related Appearances/Accomplishments
Alain Nu

Spring/Summer of 05, Alain Nu starred in four hour-long TV specials that center around his amazing abilities.

Hailing from Washington, DC Alain has performed for note-worthies
such as President Bush, Al Gore, to Saudi Royalty.

Alain Nu was a regular headliner at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.