Saugus, Massachusetts, USA

ALAKAZAM, "World Class Entertainer" Presents incredibly freaky body contortions, cheeky comedy and ridiculous, sky-high feats of danger. A mix of traditional vaudeville, circus sideshow and twisted comedy,ALAKAZAM "THE HUMAN KNOT" is a self-contained comic freak-show for the whole family!


ALAKAZAM! "The Human Knot" presents a high energy show that will have you reeling with laughter and twisting in your seat.His incredible career has been anything but normal from when he first proudly announced to his parents that he was going to make a living squeezing through a squash racket. His freaky contortions, cheeky comedy and ability to balance 2 spinning knives on his face while juggling 3 other giant blades balanced on top of a 4 meter [12 foot] pole really do ensure that this show is like no other.

AL has been performing since 1996 in 27 countries to date. He has won 12 international street theater awards, was grand finalist on "Australia's got Talent" and as of August 2009, is a Guinness World Record holder. In 2010, he showcased at NACA South, Midatlanticfest, and APCA Northeast - booking over 50 shows at colleges across the US.



"All star buskers" DVD
"Street Theatre" DVD
"Buskers, for love or money" DVD

Set List

Show lengths are 20 and 40 minutes.