It's like "Phish" had a baby with "Led Zeppelin" then left
Frank Zappa to babysit.


With a hint of bands like Ween, Phish and a handfull of genres like rock, funk, jazz, latin, country, blues, reggae and experimental, ALAMAGOKUS is a band that shines.

With three albums, a music video, and a handful of live footage, ALAMAGOKUS is a fan favorite for many local festivals like “The Rainbows Roost”. And with local radio exposure and televison apperances, their fan base continues to grow quickly.

Three life-long friends--blending together years of experience, and a very broad range of influences, they create a sound and an environment that's one of a kind.

Playing sets in either electric or acoustic, and with just about any other band willing to jam, they're sure to find their way to your town! Keep your eyes peeled for ALAMAGOKUS!

Hokus Pokus!!!


ALAMAGOKUS (2010) - 7 tracks

Hokus Pokus (2012) - 7 tracks

Botanical Companion (2013) - 7 tracks

We also have radio play in Kamloops as well as music streaming on CBC 3 as well as several college campuses in Canada and the US.