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Alamagokus takes its name from a children’s show in the 1980s that band members Matt McLaughlin, Nathan Childs and Eric Schwalb — friends for decades — used to watch. Magic words uttered in Today’s Special — hocus pocus alamagokus ­— would bring a mannequin to life.

The band crosses genres, McLaughlin said, and has been known to show up wearing dresses, makeup and a cardboard television hat. Suffice to say if it’s fun, they’ll be playing it, or, as Schwalb said, “we take the music seriously, not ourselves.”

The band started as a joke, but became something else as the three friends spent more and more time rehearsing and then doing shows. While it’s not their main jobs — McLaughlin’s a Thompson Rivers University student, Childs works for Rocky Mountain Railtour and Schwalb says he spends his time as an underwater basket-weaver — it’s taking up more and more of their spare time.

They’ve played everwhere, from the Royal Canadian Legion to the Pogue Mahone Irish Alehouse to The Blue Grotto. They’re particularly stoked about a free show at The Art We Are on May 27 that will be a celebration of local art and have several other local musicians sharing the stage. And, if you’re listening out there, they’d really love to play the Commodore Grand Cafe and Lounge.

There are many reasons why they remain friends, bonded ever stronger by the music. Schwalb says they share the same sense of humor, always loved jamming for friends or at parties and have an ability to write together, rehearse together, perform together and stay friends.

How to follow them? Go online to, or - Kamloops This Week


ALAMAGOKUS (2010) - 7 tracks

Hokus Pokus (2012) - 7 tracks

Botanical Companion (2013) - 7 tracks

We also have radio play in Kamloops as well as music streaming on CBC 3 as well as several college campuses in Canada and the US.



With a hint of bands like Ween, Phish and a handfull of genres like rock, funk, jazz, latin, country, blues, reggae and experimental, ALAMAGOKUS is a band that shines.

With three albums, a music video, and a handful of live footage, ALAMAGOKUS is a fan favorite for many local festivals like “The Rainbows Roost”. And with local radio exposure and televison apperances, their fan base continues to grow quickly.

Three life-long friends--blending together years of experience, and a very broad range of influences, they create a sound and an environment that's one of a kind.

Playing sets in either electric or acoustic, and with just about any other band willing to jam, they're sure to find their way to your town! Keep your eyes peeled for ALAMAGOKUS!

Hokus Pokus!!!