Duluth, Minnesota, USA

A timeless sound with steamy vocals and fresh, danceable grooves.


This pop group germinated from talk on the sands of Park Point beach in Duluth MN. Guitarist Peter Knutson was on board for “something fresh, exciting and with a danceable groove” as drummer Rio Daugherty and bassist Alex Piazza dreamed next to Lake Superior in August of 2015. They added vocals from Nathan Holte and keyboard from Ned Netzel and got started under the band name PLAYDATE. When The Red Herring Lounge came calling in March 2016 looking for an opener for Aaron Carter, they only had 25 minutes of music. Knutson says the “steamy set was well received” by the female throng waiting to see their guilty pop pleasure in Carter. Unfortunately, after a year of making a name for themselves, band members received a cease and desist letter from another group called Playdate, and a rebranding was in order. In February 2017 the moniker Àlamode was chosen.  After a year of recording, the band's debut album "Swell" is set for release January 2018.


LP "Swell" released 1/13/18
EP "Singles Night" released 11/3/17