Alana Stewart

Alana Stewart

 New York City, New York, USA

Dynamic, evocative vocals that make you shiver. Lyrics that are smart and tight like a Shel Silverstein poem. Alana Stewart sings with authority and empathy, genuine and humble like her gospel roots with high technical standards from years training in jazz vox.
You're likely to learn something.


In the deserts of New Mexico, foot-steps away from the test site of the first atomic bomb, a more subtle explosion was born, in the form of Alana Stewart. Gifted in music, but energized by visual art, songwriting took a backseat to design in Alana's life until mid-way through a degree in the visual arts- when she gave up and surrendered to the powers urging her to sing. "I was born in a place famous for creating the most destructive weapon of all time. Today I live in New York, home of the 9-11 attacks... It just seems to me with so many psychopaths trying to rapture the peace and upset the people, I have to use all the tools I have to give us some serenity back- and singing works. We're all made up of energy. We all have a vibrational charge, and managing the sounds, vibrations, and frequencies around us has the power to make us feel safe again- so maybe we can abandon our space-ships and smile at strangers again." While songwriting, Alana always starts with the melody and only uses a lyric if it fits harmoniously with the melody. "Melody rules all" she says. To Alana, the English language is a gift to music because "Imperialism gave us a huge spectrum of phonetically different words to choose from and a million synonyms that as a songwriter, I can select and shimmy to suit my needs whether I'd like my line to follow a certain percussive direction, or just sit well architecturally within my melody." Alana writes a lot about purpose and duty to the family and how to reconcile the two. She writes about searching for joy without shallow disregard for family and deep connection with others. "How do we support and love people while staying true to our purpose? Shouldn't they be the same thing? How do we escape role barriers like gender stereotypes, racial stereotypes and age stereotypes?" Alana was built and groomed to be a healer and that's what she intends to accomplish with each collection of songs.


Otis is Moses

Written By: Alana Stewart

Moses walked up to me on my porch
asked if he could wash my car
for a can of soup, and a case of beer
to fill his angry belly

Four months into it a heart attack took away his wife
Katrina came and took away his life
Now he's bartering with women of the night

They ask how you're doing and you say alright
But is it all right?
It's easier pretending sometimes
A gun's at your head so you get in a fight
And it ain't alright
'Cause his body isn't breathing right

A 30:1 ratio of men to women
murky water clouds their mortal sinning
and the shower smells of fresh hot semen

Somewhere near Desire street you'll feel beautiful
Your dirty skin will flush with love and lust
and you'll get all the handsome men's attention

They ask how you're doin' and you say alright
But is it all right?
It's easier pretending sometimes
A gun's at your head so you get in a fight
and it ain't alright
'Cause his body isn't breathing right


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awaiting release of first full length album:
Birth and The Atomic Bomb

Set List

Otis is Moses
Draw a Picture
All that I Want
San Francisco
Cold As Ice
So Be Glad
Ramblin' Man