Alan Belanger

Alan Belanger


Ever wonder why you are here? Me too.


Starting playing guitar after hearing Holiday in Cambodia by the Dead Kennedys. Played angry punk for years, migrated into heavy metal, followed alternative "disturbed" artists like Dinosaur Jr., then came to appreciate truly talented artists like the Beatles and Josie and the Pussycats.
I play from the gut.


Must I Go Alone?

Written By: Alan Belanger

Is there a place we can go?
Where it’s always warm in spite of the snow
The sun is bright but won’t hurt my eyes
Is there a place where no one I know ever dies?

And if I go must I go alone?
‘cuz without you it just would not feel much like home

Is there a place without pain?
Where it’s sunny and dry along with the rain
Where I always want to be outside
The sea is calm but the waves are big enough to ride

And if I go must I go alone?
‘cuz I know it would not feel anything like home

There is no place like home (3x)

Are there trees there to climb?
Is the view of you all the time?
Would we walk and talk all day?
Would we laugh while we watch our children play?

When I get there I will wait for you
And together we will make all our dreams come true

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Never do covers. Why bother?