Alan Bessette

Alan Bessette


I've been playing Christian Music in the Boston area for 30 years. Prior to that I made a living playing in local clubs. My main focus is worship services but I also play at occasional coffee houses or small concerts.

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What Temple?

Written By: Alan A. Bessette

What temple built by human hand
could house the Living God?
What work of wood or stone or brick
enflesh the Lord of All?
What temple built by human hand
the Lord could contain?
No temple built by hand of man,
but that which God has made.

This heart within delights
at the hearing of the news.
That Christ, the Lord of all that is,
mankind should choose
To dwell within and sanctify,
forever to remain.
This heart delights that Christ
is the blood within the vein.

O', Hark ye nations of the world.
Come gather 'round and hear.
This same Christ, the Savior,
is standing very near.
To judge the quick and dead He comes,
so hasten don't delay.
Lest you find yourself unworthy
upon the judgement day.

O', People of the covenant
your voice within you raise.
Redeemed by the blood of Christ
the Living God do praise.
The treasure which you hold within
is treasure deep and true.
The Lord, Himself, nows dwells within
the temple, which is you.

Copyright 1984, Alan A. Bessette from the White Dove Collection. currently unpublished.


My CD, Like a Deer, was released in April, 2006. It can be obtained through CDBaby or at gigs. I helped to produce a cassette in 1986 called "Share the Resurrection" with the Boston area group, Easter Children. It was sold locally at our gigs.