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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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. - KEXP

Alan Cohen is not new to the music scene having been involved for over a decade, but his political lyrics have raised the eyebrows of many in the industry. The video for his single "Elephant" became a You Tube hit and he was also featured on CNN's "The Week In Politics" for his video "The Obama Groove". Alan Cohen writes and records on the spur of the moment, but it is when he records his EPs as the Alan Cohen Experience that his talents really shine through.

The Alan Cohen Experience's latest release is a 6-song EP entitled "Eat The Peace". The first two tracks "Rock Biter" and "Train God" show off Alan Cohen's harder rock side. Alan stresses his feelings to the point of almost shouting the lyrics and the pounding drums provided by Genji Siraisi give these song their edge. "Ranger Stranger" runs along the same vein as Van Morrison's "Moondance". The jazzy feel of this song and backup vocals of Catherine Pierce provide a fuller sound to many of the EP's songs. "Jester" keeps the pace of the album going, but seems to miss any potential the lyrics may have provided. The song "Peace" is what the EP was based on as Alan stresses his ideas about peace. The alternative country ballad "Truck Driver" shows off Alan's song-writing skills describing his experiences on the road as he saved his best for last.

Alan's song-writing and use of musical sounds improves with each release this being his third EP in three years. This newest EP will be released on November 3 and is available on his website Alan is also on a tour of New England, visit his website for more information. - JP's Music Blog

There isn’t much you could say about a group like Alan Cohen Experience that wouldn’t be bloody obvious after a quick listen to Alan and his orchestra’s latest experiment, Eat The Peace. This is piano-laced and hippie-friendly southern driven rock and roll that also parallels Phish at their happiest moments. It’s happy-go-lucky storytelling about every free-loving individualist’s favorite subjects: peace, love, train rides, and truck drivers. The lava lamp torch should instantly be passed down to Mr. Cohen.

Any given track on Eat The peace creates a valid argument material for “the better times,” the times when Kesey and Cassady parked their bus wherever the LSD took them. When The Grateful Dead were more than a cliche’ poster in every head shop across the land. Yes, Cohen and his Experience bring forth remembrance of such a justly romanticized time most of us now will never truly know about.

It may not be entirely obvious to some what a “Rock Biter” really is. But, tracks like “Peace”, “Jester”, or “Truck Driver” are as obvious as they are delightful. The mastermind of the “Obama Groove” never ceases to create such a likable persona in video and stage presence. But, even his album can make you feel joyous on your way to work. And maybe a bit shameful for listening to it in a gas guzzling SUV. Such is the power of the free mind in a not so free world. Well played Mr Cohen. Well played. - Fensepost

Quirky, slightly folky, a little funky and a great deal of fun - this seventies tinged collection of songs, spear-headed by the wonderful “Elephant” have bags of personality and are joyful to listen to. - Subba-Cultcha

The Alan Cohen Experience, is Hebrew school teacher and Family Junction guitarist Alan Cohen’s eccentric solo project. “It’s a way for me to play all the music I have that doesn’t fit with Family Junction’s sound. I play all the guitar and bass on my album and used studio musicians for the rest,” says Cohen. “My shows tend to be just me— I’d love a set band but my style’s always changing so it’s hard to find, say, a drummer who would match it.” Cohen teamed up with producer Roger Greenawalt (The Pierces, Ben Kweller, Nils Lofgren) in making his latest release, Alan Cohen Experience, an eclectic mix of funk, folk and psychedelia with intricate harmonies and textured acoustics. Songs range from the whimsically ambient “Space Watch,” which Cohen admits “is based on a Hebrew school lesson we sat through in 6th grade about the way God interacts with the world,” to disco Afro-beat fueled “Elephant.” Intellectual humor sits at the core of Cohen’s music, as he sets forth working on multiple ideas. “One is a chapter-by-chapter musical analysis on Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time,” Cohen shares. “I also want to figure out a way to incorporate more kazoo into my music.” - Relix Magazine

Fresh off an appearance at this year's CMJ Music Festival, Boston's Alan Cohen Experience have a new six-track EP called Eat the Peace. Cohen, who is a former member of the critically acclaimed band Family Junction, crafts stories and sets these witticisms to pop music with catchy hooks. The band's shows can vary a great deal depending on band configuration - sometimes centering on Cohen on acoustic guitar while at other times, the talented Cohen ends up being surrounded by an orchestra of musically talented friends. No matter how many folks end up occupying the stage, Cohen always entertains - and in doing so, he provides a refreshing foil to snobby musicians and an often sterile, uncaring record industry. This guy's the real deal.

GOING DOWN THE ROAD - On Eat the Peace (November 3rd release), Cohen finds himself collaborating with Brooklyn producer Roger Greenawalt once again. Greenawalt, who worked on Cohen's self-titled debut last year, who has worked with notables; The Pierces, Ben Kweller, and Nils Lofgren. The new record features The Pierces’ Catherine Pierce on “Ranger Stranger”, “Truck Driver,” and "Peace."

GETTING TO KNOW ALAN COHEN - Cohen's recent singles, "Elephant" has been by many thousands of people on YouTube view and the witty singer was recently featured on CNN's "This Week in Politics" and The Guardian for his tongue-in-cheek viral video, "The Obama Groove." Yeah, no joke:

What's up next? Cohen vows to complete work on a concept album inspired by Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time." (You can't make this stuff up!) - Ryan's Smashing Life

Um, OK. I'm thrown for a loop right from the get-go: "All's quiet on the waterfront, it's just me and my elephant." I can't tell you how many times I wish I had a song to play when my elephant and I are in proximity to peaceful waters.

This is the kind of experience you are in for when you listen to this unusual EP from Alan Cohen. An eccentric collection of six intriguing tracks will grab your attention if anything else. Its unorthodox tendencies aside, the production is top-notch, brimming with lush orchestration, crisp guitars, and interesting sound effects. In addition, many of these tunes have a wonderfully infectious chorus that is centered in more familiar musical terrain. In a way, each one of these melodic choruses is like an oasis in a song that is otherwise boldly atypical.

Alan Cohen Experience is not the most common thing I'd order off my music menu, but it gets high marks for being engagingly different. This is one I'd recommend for fans of Frank Zappa, Cake, and other pioneers of eclectic pop. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary but still catchy and expertly performed, look no further than Alan Cohen Experience.

Perhaps as an extension of the track "Space Watch", Alan Cohen is currently working on his next concept album, inspired by Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time". Watch this 'space' to find out if it is a big bang or black hole! - Bill's Music Forum

A short and interesting album, the Alan Cohen Experience from the same named band, is a great little collection of songs. This album might be short but it spans from driving voo-doo rock to an uplifting little ditty about a Saturday morning stroll where the sun leads your way. The variety of sound in this album is great and refreshing. The transitions are seamless from one song to the next despite the broad differences from song to song. The vocals are great; their gravely lead vocalist, Alan Cohen, does justice to the songs and can play the role of smooth talking soul manto a love stricken boyfriend easily. The best part of this album though is the piano and guitar riffs, they are tight and catchy! The guitar and piano really make each song and play an important in each part. What the Alan Cohen experience does really well is set an ambience with each song. Fans of ska, country, rock, pop, classic rock, and jazz can all find something to enjoy here. The Alan Cohen experience is a great album and proves that just because someone isn't commercially endorsed doesn't mean their music is not going to be phenomenal. - Colby-Sawyer Courier

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The Alan Cohen Experience music video, "The Obama Groove", was the CNN YouTube Clip of the Week! - CNN


Eat the Peace (LP, 2009)
Your Mother Should Know (Single, 2009)
Alan Cohen Experience (EP, 2008)
The Obama Groove (Single, 2008)
Revolutions (LP, 2007)



In 2001, a drummer named Squeegee coined the name "Alan Cohen Experience," a moniker that Alan Cohen, member of the critically acclaimed band Family Junction, uses to this day to release his solo music.

As the conductor, Alan Cohen leads his mighty Orchestra of Personality effortlessly through a diverse selection of musical genres and subject matter. Alan writes and records concept albums, exploring a variety of subjects presenting historical and offbeat perspectives. Working seamlessly with outside collaborators, he releases free-form EP's mixing various styles and themes. Incorporating elements of his studio and video work, the live show creates a platform that showcases the individual and combined talents of Orchestra members.

His newest self-titled release finds him collaborating with Brooklyn Producer, Roger Greenawalt (The Pierces, Ben Kweller, Nils Lofgren). With a studio approach reminiscent of legendary band leaders Duke Ellington, Frank Zappa, and Steely Dan, the Alan Cohen Experience conducts a variety of studio musicians to help achieve his musical vision. Set for release on November 4th, 2008, this six track EP comprises lush string and horn arrangements, vocal harmonies and thickly layered guitars to flourish the clever and catchy songwriting.

The album starts with a Stevie Wonder-esque funky tune called “Elephant," which builds a musical vision around the line “all's quiet on the waterfront/it's just me and my elephant.” Both “Bonita” and “Saturday Morning” portray gorgeous arrangements and melodies, and through poetic lyrics, paint scenes of an emotionally liberated musical love letter (“Bonita”), and of a sunrise stroll on a quiet early morning (“Saturday Morning”). A heavy-hitting rock song filled with vicious guitar licks, “Roy’s Rock” sets the stage for a song about Alabama Judge Roy Moore and his attempts to erect the Ten Commandments in his court house, told with the issue's context in the American constitutional concept of “separation of church and state.” The EP ends with “Space Watch," a song inspired by an elementary school lesson about different philosophies of God and perception, told through lyrics about space travel in a musical sound scape that brings the listener along for the ride.

Prior to the self titled EP, the Alan Cohen Experience released a self-produced project aptly named Revolutions. The debut concept album, inspired by a red Che Guevara t-shirt, highlights pop culture's perception of revolutionaries and revolutionary events. Historically, it explores the French and Industrial Revolutions, as well as the biblical exodus from Egypt of the Hebrews while touching on various revolutionary figures: Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

With his Orchestra of Personality, the Alan Cohen Experience brings to life the music of his songs and the concepts of his albums. Constantly meeting new people and adding new members and talents to his Orchestra, the shows range from intimate performances with an acoustic guitar, to fully orchestrated events. Each show and each city features a unique combination of personalities and talents.

Already at work on his next concept album, a project inspired by Stephen Hawking's “A Brief History of Time," watch for the Alan Cohen Experience as he brings his show to your city. Visit for more information on shows and releases, and to watch his music videos by maverick director, Seth Kroll.