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Come On Up

Written By: Alan Cullen


CHORUS: Don’t just stand there lonely
Come on up
Take a chance and try me
Come on up
All I’m askin’ you
Is give me somethin’ too
Don’t just sit there lonely
Come on up

The band is playin’ loud now
Come on up
Twirl yourself around me
Come on up
Our dancin’ shoes are on
We’re wastin’ havin’ fun
Don’t just stay there lonely
Come on up

Give me a smilin’ glance now
Come on up
Take me by the hand now
Come on up
Don’t want anything more
But a dance out on the floor
So don’t just stand alone now
Come on up

The lights are goin’ dim
So come on up
Last chance for a spin now
Come on up
The rockin’ now has gone
They’re playin’ the lovers song
You’ve waited far too long
Our time is up


AJC (9/5/09)

Seaside Blues (Revised)

Written By: Alan Cullen


I got the seaside blues
‘Aint got nothin’ to lose
Waves are poundin’ like thunder
Above a life fulla’ wonder
I got the seaside blues

Lookin’ out I see the blue
Wishin’ you could be here too
See the children playin’ there
Laughin’ loud without a care
I got the seaside blues

Sittin’ drinkin’ here alone
Waitin’ for the telephone
For you to say you’re comin’ soon
To sit and watch the risin’ moon
I got the seaside blues

But I don’t care if not today
Another chance will come our way
So we can be in heavens ground
When you get time to come around
I got the seaside blues

AJC (31/5/09)

Magnified (Revised)

Written By: Alan Cullen


When you whisper
I hear you clearly
All you say is magnified

When you caress
I feel you deeply
All you touch is magnified

When you look
Your eyes burn through
All you see is magnified

Rivers flood
When you cry
You are so magnified
My heart swells
When you love
You are so magnified
Lightning strikes
When you smile
You are so magnified.

When you pass by
Your perfume stays
All you leave is magnified

Then when you go
So late at night
All the lights are magnified
AJC (23/11/08)

This Time

Written By: Alan Cullen


We have waited far too long
This time is surely gonna’ last
Just need to say our goodbyes
And send our loves into the past

I know that we have found a way
To make it through this time
The clouds can all move away
So that we can make it shine

It all makes sense to me
I hope that you can see it too
Now that we both stand so free
This time I see only you

We share the very same line
And walk in step every day
We’ll make it through this time
As others all just fade away

This time is made for only us
We need no others to pry
We’ve had a fun but lonely past
Now this time just you and I
AJC (18/6/09)

Burnin' The Candle

Written By: Alan Cullen


Gotta’ keep it up-beat
Dancin’ down the main street
Lookin’ for a long night
Don’t wanna’ fist fight
Need to burn the candle
Just to roam and ramble

Searcin’ for a DJ
Keep me dancin’ all day
Wanna’ do some drinkin’
Not to do some thinkin’
Let the mind go flyin’
No thoughts of dyin’


See the chicks they’re groovin’
Swingin’ hips are movin’
Mini skirts are risin’
I’m hot, not surprisin’
Things are gettin’ wetter
Life is lookin’ better


Just after midnight
Everything is so right
But see the clock a tickin’
And the candle burnin’
Need another shot
Just to keep me hot


Now the time is two
I wanna’ boogie with you
Before we see the sun
Tonight you’re just the one
You rock n’ roam n’ amble
Tryin’ to burn the candle


See the light of day
Nothin’ in my way
I’m here to live n’ dance
And burn it at both ends
Betta’ hook up with me
And see how it can be
(AJC 26/7/09)