Alan Geierman

Alan Geierman

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

21st Century folk music, with humor, political commentary and social observations.


Influenced by Woody Guthrie and John Sebastian. Playing polk a lay lee as a rock star is my favorite memory.


What Is War?

Written By: Alan Geirman

My Youngest son came up to me today,
Asked me why his brother went away.
I said, "There's war in the Mid East, so they shipped him over seas,
That's why he can't stay at home and play."
He said, "Daddy, What is war?
What are we fighting for?
Daddy tell me why,
Soldiers fight and die.
Tell me Daddy what is war?"

How do I explain to a lad of four,
Man's propensity for war?
How do I explain the bomb,
That damn war in Viet Nam?
While I wondered he asked me once more:
He said, "Daddy what is war?
What are they fightin' for?
Daddy tell me why
Soldiers fight and die?
Tell me, Daddy, what is war?"

So I explained our nation's history.
The Declaration and Boston Harbor Tea.
A song by Francis Scott Key.
The meaning of , "O, Say can you see?"
And how men have always fought to be free.

Every generation has one war at least.
The endless struggles never seem to cease.
Men just have to fight,
For what they think is right.
And what they think is right is peace.
He said, "daddy, what is peace?
Will it work in the Mid East?
I'm not playin' guns,
"Til this war in done.
I'm not playin' War, I'm playin' Peace."

Mama Needs A Man

Written By: Alan Geierman

I'm sitting in the laundromat
THe Speed Queen is on spin.
The cutest little tyke I ever seen
Comes walkin' in.
His pants are torn, his hair's all messed,
His tee shirt says; "I'm stupid."
No sooner does he see me,
He starts out playin' Cupid!
He says; "Mama needs a man,
You know how women are!"
"If Mama doesn't find a man,
She's drinkin' at the bar!
I'm tryin' hard to help her, Lord,
I'm doin' all I can.
But I'm just a little boy,
And Mama needs a man.

I'm looking for the Downy,
The kid finds it on the floor.
He tells me that his Daddy left
When he was only four.
Him and Mom keep pluggin' on,
They ain't seen Daddy since.
He never sends them money,
The machine kicks into rinse.
Mama needs a man,
You know how women are.
He don't gotta be Mel Gibson,
She don't want no movie star.
Just someone else around the house
Fix the toaster and the fan.
Someone who likes baseball!
Mama needs a man.

She's gonna lose her job
If she don't stop gettin' drunk!
An' I'll get kicked outta school,
'Cuz all I ever do is flunk!
But I'll get A's and B's,
I promise mister, please!

Mama needs a man
Someone just like you.
You don't hafta marry her
If you don't want to.
Just talk with her and sleep with her
And try to understand,
She's lovely but she's lonely,
Mama needs a man!


Vintage Al Geierman (1999)
Another Unknown Starving Artist (1993)

Set List

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What Is War?
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Mama Needs A Man
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