Alan G. Yerxa Band

Alan G. Yerxa Band


Alan G. Yerxa is a gifted and well rounded musician whose guitar playing has been compared to Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Alan’s hope is that his music will inspire people to seek out God plus, strengthen those who know God to continue on their journey.


Alan has performed professionally in the Los Angels club circuit as well as throughout California. Upon rededicating his life to Christ he began serving the church with his musical talent and passion and was soon called to the ministry as a worship and arts director. After the sudden passing of his father Alan was felt called out of that to pursue his first solo project. Alan’s CD “Set Free” delivers high-energy, arena-worship, guitar-driven rock to his reflective-intimate-whispering ballads. The lyrical content is inspiring and uplifting, engaging the listener on a sojourn to becoming set free. His passion for the lost and wanting to love people right where they are, guided him to serve and lead worship in his church’s Celebrate Recovery Ministry. It was clear that his music was a natural fit for this ministry and the Alan G. Yerxa Band has served as the guest band at CR’s throughout the Fresno area. From there his catchy melodies caught on and he has been asked to play at men’s retreats as well as, youth and family events. The Alan G. Yerxa Band has played for Channel 26, Fox TV, Westcare Rehabilitation Center, Fresno Rescue Mission, Feed My Sheep-Cruising for Jesus “March Against Methamphetamine” events, Celebrate Recovery community family picnic and many more. In all of Alan’s opportunities, his deepest passion is that above all God will be glorified and lives will be changed.


Raise Your Hands

Written By: Alan G. Yerxa

I come to worship you my Lord

I come to bow down before my King

I come to lay down at your feet

I come to worship you my Lord

Raise your hands raise your voice sing a new song to the Lord

I come to give all I have

I lift my voice up to my King

And I want to praise you all of my days

I come to worship you my Lord


Written By: Kristy Foss

I don’t have all the answers

I don’t know what the questions are any more

But I know I’ve asked them all

I’ve been testing the waters

Scared to get into deep

Because I fear once I’m there there’s a good chance I could sink

But it’s time to walk by faith

And not but what I see

I’m trusting you to know

To know what’s best for me

Take me higher Take me Farther bring me closer now

I’m ready to be all I can be

Take me higher Take me Farther bring me closer now

I’m ready to go where you want to lead

I’m not sure of the future but I know the one

Who holds me in his hands and won’t let me go

There are no more excuses no more reasons why

It’s time for me to go learn how to fly

Finding Myself

Written By: Alan G. Yerxa

Verse 1

Searching my soul for something new

I was reaching for the stars without a clue

Then you stopped me and showed me what was going down

I was living my life to please myself

And without a doubt I had no shame

Then your love came in and really pulled me out

There it was I found myself in the hope and love you give to me

Finding myself in love again yes I found myself in love 2x

Verse 2
Reaching for you really changed my life

Giving it hope with some sacrifice truth be told it was way over due

You believed in me with all of your love

Thanks oh Lord for what you give to me

Rise Up

Written By: Alan G. Yerxa

When I’m down I feel I’ve lost my way
Your love comes in bringing hope for a better day
I’m reaching out for something more than this fear
Your peace rolls in and I know you’re near

I need your help oh Lord to get rid of this pain

I feel you healing me to believe in love again so

Rise up in me
For the glory of your name
The glory of your name oh lord x2
Rise in me 2nd time Intro

I’ve traveled on this long and winding road
I need you lord to show me where to go
I’m hoping for a new and peaceful way
Just help me get through just another day


Set Free (2007)

Set List

Every Move

Set Free

Finding Myself


Rise Up



I’m Still Amazed

Find My Rest

I believe In Jesus

Raise Your Hands

Open the Eyes

Amazing Grace