Alan Mc Kim

Alan Mc Kim


A live performance entrenched in heart, mind, body & soul. Fury, angst, love, desire and loss are the tools but the craft is in the vitalised emotive delivery which challenges the audience to feel what he feels.


I am a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Paisley in Scotland. I left home at 17 and backpacked around Australia for a couple of years, things got a bit rough and i ended up busking and playing covers in bars in order to eat!

Now back in Scotland, i have just signed a publishing deal with Nettwerk One. I am in the process of completing my debut album.
Influences : John Martyn,Bob Marley, The Pixies, Rolling Stones, Tom Waits, Cat Stevens,Willy Mason.

Set List

Typical set lasts for 30 minutes includes the songs Useless, Stop Right There, Love Struck Bubble, Walk, Colours, Taxi Man and a couple of cover versions.